I Call it chow-DA.

I blogged from sun-up to sun-down on Wednesday.
Not that I’ll ever TELL anyone that.
Excepting at dinnertime when I finally admitted
I had nothing planned.
{Nothing but the rock-awesome POM recipes
that will be featured next week.}
It was frantic hour.
Or, rather,
Frantic 5-minnies.
Because that’s about all it takes to make this
bowl of corn chowda.
And though some of the children boo-hooed
the addition of green chilies,
The Hubster said
It was
{And really, it was.}

Cilantro & Chicken Corn Chowder

1/2 stick butter

1/2 onion

1/2 c. flour

Melt butter in a large soup pot. Cook onion for 2-3 minutes, then whisk in flour. Once flour in mixed into butter, immediately whisk in

5 cups whole milk

Then add:

1 (12.5 oz.) can cooked chicken breast

1 chicken boullion

2 c. frozen white corn

1 small can mild green chilies

1/2 c. chopped cilantro

1 T. cumin

Salt & Pepper to taste

Stir just until soup comes to a boil & thickens. Super Speedy. Dinner is served.

I’m frantically preparing the contest prize. It should be done JUST IN TIME for our first giveaway which will begin on MONDAY. Tell your friends. Prepare your vowels. You will be chanting: “Ooooh. Soooo. Cuuuuute.”



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Candy from

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8 Responses to “I Call it chow-DA.”

  1. Fifi Flowers says:

    YUm… and easy! My kind of meal!

  2. monica says:

    i love corn chowder!! i’ll have to make it sans green chilies – unless i luck upon them at the store, even though i do think it would make it just the right kind of zingy!!

  3. Gaspegirl says:

    Another great looking recipe! I can’t wait to try this one.

  4. Noah's Mommy says:

    Loiks amazing…..and nothing like a little chile to make you sizzle…nummy….and why is it…no matter where you live…everyone says chow-da…loved it…

  5. Candy says:

    Love the chow da!

  6. ConversationsWithACupcake says:

    FIFI-Isn't ANYTHING fast and tasty the best?!

    MONICA-The green chilies are definitely good, but not neccesary. I'm sure whatever you make will be delish.

    GASPEGIRL-Thanks! It's so nice having you along!

    NOAH'S MOMMY- Yep. Chowda. It just feels so much more–thick & rich,

    CANDY-I'm so excited to have you guest blog tomorrow! YAY!

  7. Lewis and Florrie says:

    I too know the perils of blogging the day away……while my four year old proceeds to clean up the house for ME. (Yep, she’s definitely a wonder.) I will be seriously impressed if you just created this concoction in your mind and threw it together, which I’m sure you did. But then again, your blog impresses me to no end. You’ve got mad skillz girl.
    Love you. And thanks again for the BDay card.

  8. deconstructing jen says:

    Wow, that looks delicious. YUM.

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