Top O’ the Marning To Ya.

No more teachers
No more frogs
My babes are home
So I may not blog.
Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Apple Cider French Toast
I am of the belief that winter can not be officially ushered in until I have cooked a hearty breakfast while snapping my fingers to a crooning Johnny Mercer.
School’s out. Our children are tucked home for days and days and days. Our calendar is pure white. Not a speck of a plan. Except to eat. And play. And bask in family. And fill our mouths with this delightsome french toast. I do hope you are looking forward to much of the same.
4 eggs
½ c. apple cider
12 bread slices

Mix cider & eggs. Dip bread in batter. Cook on medium-low griddle until both sides are lightly browned.
Maple-Apple Syrup
1 apple, sliced.
3 T. butter
1.8 c. brown sugar
1 t. cinnamon
¼ c. cider
1 c. maple syrup
Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat until apples are tender. Serve atop Cider French Toast slices. Top with powdered sugar.

Happiest Thanksgiving Wishes.
May you and yours be immensely blessed.
See you Friday with {another} POM recipe!