Rosy-Cheeked Protein Pancakes

For the most part, I think I’m a pretty nice gal.
I’m sometimes spontaneous, intermittently witty, and generally chipper about day-to-day goings ons.
Nice and normal. That’s me.
I arise before the cock crows
in the purple cool of an early morning,
bask in the golden rays of a sunshined afternoon.
One of those two little wonders
will boost me from the usual routine of
typical daily merriment into
I breathe deeper.
Smile more.
Walk with bounce in the step.
Nosh on mother natures finest feasts
(sugar cravings be blasted!)
Bandaid owies with the greatest of flair.
Look into eyes.
Arrive on time.
Make serious love to the camera.
And my hubby.
Bake fresh bread.
Believe everything is possible.
Isn’t it nice to feel like a super hero, sometimes?

Rosy-Cheeked Protein Pancakes
So named because you’ll be right healthy once you partake, these pretty pancakes pack a powerful punch of protein. The addition of curdled soymilk keeps the batter light and fluffy, so you can throw in whole wheat flour and not feel like you’ve just eaten a hunk of nappy fiber. Rather, you’ll feel glad you’ve just started of the best day of your life. Now, eat up and go save the world!
2 Banana’s (very ripe)
1/2 c. soft tofu
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 egg
1 c. soymilk
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 t. salt
1 t. baking powder
1 c. whole wheat flour
1/4 c. sunflower seeds
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
Brilliant Aurora Syrup
Hello, gorgeous.
1 c. pure maple syrup
2 T. orange marmalade
2 T. raspberry preserves
Heat all ingredients together in a small saucepan.
Serve warm, over pancakes.

3 Responses to “Rosy-Cheeked Protein Pancakes”

  1. Becki Madsen says:

    Might I say this looks like one of your best as I am a lover of breakfast bounty. Can’t wait to try this one!

  2. Liz says:

    That is a big recipe as well a big meal

  3. Alex says:

    Whoops! Looks like there are no instructions on how to cook the pancakes. Just mix and fry?

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