Sparkle Berries

Style Advice.
The following items
should indisputably sparkle:
Sliding Glass Doors
Kindergarten Crafts
Oh, heck. ALL crafts
Christmas Ornaments
Red Slippers
Fingernail Polish
Lace gloves
Snow fallen morns
Bottles of Perfume
Prom dresses
The top of the Chrysler Building
every worthy
Sparkle Berries
For my wedding, my dearest Aunt Paula (queen of all catering goodness. Maker of family memories and mouthwatering meals) insisted that my sorta cheap and plain plans be exchanged for inexpensive but extravagant ideas. Love her. She turned my wedding from blah.blah.bloo to va-va-voom with her magical touch. Her favorite touch changed my wedding cake from to WOWzers with the addition of crystallized fruit. Is it possible to NOT love anything which includes the word crystallized?
1 egg white
1 t. water
1 c. white sugar or organic sugar
1 c. fresh berries or grapes
In a small bowl, whish egg white and water together. Use a basting brush to gently brush egg onto fruit. Generously sprinkle with sugar. Set on a cooling rack and allow to harden for 1-2 hours. Serve atop store-bought waffles cookies with fresh cream and orange zest.
Speaking of our wedding day…
All I want for Valentines:
A handsome lad to tote
these two fine ladies to the annual
Daddy-Daughter dance.

Wish Granted.
Still my k.i.s.a after all these years.
XO, My Sweet.