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Don’t eat anything
your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
There are a great many foodlike items in the supermarket your ancestors wouldn’t recognize as food (Go-Gurt? Breakfast-cereal bars? Nondairy creamer?);
stay away from these.
~Michael Pollan

Good, wholesome food. Made from scratch daily. That’s what Cheeky Kitchen is all about. Here you’ll find recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts that feature nothing but gloriously old-fashioned, family-friendly, budget-conscious home cooking.
Though Cheeky Kitchen began as an rather indulgent venture (its original title, Conversations With A Cupcake, pretty well sums up the decadent desserts I posted here weekly for nearly two years), I began feeling frustrated by the changes dessert blogging had made to our regular eating habits. My panty line was expanding, our budget depleted by white sugar and white flour shopping, and too much of time was being shared with bricks of butter and bowls of buttercream frosting. I was tired. Feeling uninspired. It was time for me to get back to being true to my eating habits and food beliefs. But, would my readers follow me in this new direction?

Worried that I’d built a loyal following of folks accustomed to bright colored cookies and adorably iced cupcakes, I decided one week to cross my fingers and ask the audience what more they’d like to see on my site. Imagine my surprise (delight! wondering awe!) when a resounding number of Cheeky Kitchen reader’s requested more healthful recipes! Hurrah for us all, I said, clapping my hands joyously together, and deciding immediately to mold this funky little blogspot of mine into a better reflection of my truest feelings about food. As it turns out, I’ve been passionate about food for a long time and just so happen to have a few opinions about it.

For instance, I believe every opportunity to eat is an opportunity to celebrate. I believe meals should nourish, replenish and renew, and that they should do that all with great color and flavor and delight. I believe dinner plates should inspire smiles, that desserts don’t have to be riddled with corn syrup and other lab-made preservatives, and that bread should make your kitchen smell divine—not come presliced out of a plastic bag.
I believe the time spent kneading fresh pizza dough or pressing a homemade pie crust around fresh fruit is returned ten-fold in flavor, nutrition, health and pure wonder. Though, as a mom of four young children, I have limited time, limited budget, and a plentitude of palate preferences to work around. So, nearly all of the recipes posted on Cheeky Kitchen are easy to prepare, cost-conscious, and full of enticing flavor. They are also (almost exclusively) fully homemade, with real ingredients—little to none of that prepackaged gunk mixed in. I prepare organically when I can (this because of a sister who very forcefully—er–lovingly explained the dangers of filling ones body with pesticide-drenched produce), eat vegan and vegetarian whenever occasion permits, and truly detest making the same thing twice. With all of that said, I sometimes crave drive-in burgers and fluffy yellow cakes. So, please don’t be too terribly put off when I pluck the white stuff out of the pantry and bake like a country granny.
Through Cheeky Kitchen, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with remarkable companies and wildly talented individuals. I’ve won a few recipe contests. Have been featured in a national commercial. Have done a bit of good. But, mostly, I’ve met incredible people almost daily (and that, my dear readers, is most definitely you.) I can’t for the life of me think of anything I adore more than knowing this world is speckled with friends. Knowing you are out there, reading my wacky musings, leaving comments and suggestions, cooking up my recipes in your own kitchens…why I just can’t tell you how splendid that makes every day.
No matter the day, you can expect good, wholesome fun to be cooking up in the Cheeky Kitchen. Stop by anytime. Sit and stay a spell. It’s always a treat to have you here.

2 Responses to “About Cheeky Kitchen”

  1. Matt Caputo says:

    Love the direction you are taking the site, in terms of not eating anything your great great grandmother would not recognize as food. One bit of food for thought, while your gg grandmother might recognize chocolate or cheeses because they look the same they have been totally adulterated. Studies are coming out talking about how great chocolate is for you, yet most don't realize how diluted it is even when it says "70%." I challenge you to come to our Intro to Fine Chocolate Class and see if you ever think of chocolate the same way. Education is the only way forward out of this mess big business has gotten our food into.

    Matt Caputo

  2. Erin says:

    Anything that starts with that quotation from Michael Pollan is good in my book. It seems so "DUH!" but I see people with Doritos and Coke more than an apple or whole wheat bread. Wholesome food is the stuff of life. So happy to have found you and get to follow your cooking! :)

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