Adam’s Sweet Almond Anniversary Spirals

When four big donations arrived on NieNie’s Birthday behalf, I was both astounded and sorrowed. Astounded because–well–people are generous. And good. And I love being reminded of all the beauty that is out there walking the world. Sorrowful because I’d promised a custom cupcake to only one top-dollar donator. I considered momentarily a month full of creations in my givers’ effigies. But, time ticks. And, doesn’t summer just make it tick all the faster? There just wasn’t time to create a bounty of new recipes for each giving soul.
Thereby, was consulted for a secret number. The lucky number. In went four fabulous women. Out came one winner. Jill Kynaston. Kind, gentle Jill who–days after recieving my congratulatory email–replied with the following…

“I’d really like to have a cupcake designed for my husband. Our wedding anniversary is on July 15th and I’d love to give him this as a gift…Adam is the one in our marriage with the sweet tooth. He loves pastries (particularly anything with almond extract) and like lots of frosting. As far as personality, he is SO funny–always cracking jokes, totally overdramatic, and a really sweet and sensitive guy. He’s not one of those guys who likes sports and workong out…He prefers instead reading, watching chick flicks with me, and spending time with me and our kids. He also likes baking and is always experimenting with cookie and cake recipes…

“…I’ve attached a photo from our wedding, which is kind of the inspiration behind this cupcake. Everytime I look at our wedding pictures, I remember how good it felt to be held close by a man so desperately in love iwth me. It honestly brings tears to my eyes. I am so thankful to have found my sweetheart and to be raising two beautiful daughters with him.”

How could I not thrill over the opportunity to create a cupcake for such a lovely cause?

And so, for Jill & Adam, the brainstorming and baking and blogging began. The goodies went into the oven. The goodies came out of the oven. The neighbor kids waited impatiently for a taste test wearing barefeet and damp swimsuits. I let them wait. Insisted on taking my time. After all, I share Adam’s affinity for favorite book, Anne of Green Gables, and reveled in the opportunity to pull out all the stops for a fellow L.M. Montgomery fan. See those dried flowers in that photo up there? A variety of wild pickings and Queen Anne’s Lace gathered as I walked the red roads of Prince Edward Island with my own husband some years back. A memory I thankfully rolled over in my mind as I photogged Jill & Adam’s cupcake and considered the joy of walking side by side with one you love. May this lovely twosome continue to enjoy such blessings as they celebrate yesterday, today, and all of their tomorrows.

Gilbert: It will be three years before I finish medical school. Even then there won’t be any diamond sunbursts or marble halls.

Anne Shirley: I don’t want diamonds sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you.

Adam’s Sweet Almond Anniversary Spirals

Their song speaks of shooting the moon, thus crescent rolls became the base for Jill & Adam’s unusually simple anniversary “cupcake”. Filled with sweet almond filling, an ode to Adam’s favorite dessert flavor, speckled with bright red cherries (his favorite book–Anne of Green Gables–just wouldn’t be with the same without Marilla’s raspberry cordial scene. However, I liked the color pop of maraschino’s), then blanketed around heart-healthy pistachios (a good husband also does one’s heart well) you’re just minutes away from falling madly in love with this sweet roll. Of course, no Adam-inspired sweet roll would be complete without a bounteous plop of creamy frosting, so that is included, too. The perfect topper for the perfect treat for Jill’s perfect man. Perfect!

1-8 oz. can crescent roll dough (I used Pillsbury)

12.5 oz. can Solo Almond Cake & Pastry Filling (reserve 2 T. for the frosting)

1/2 c. chopped almonds, pecans, or pistachios

2 Tbsp. chopped maraschino cherries OR chopped dried cherries or raspberries

Unroll cresent dough and lay flat on a clean surface. Gently pinch together perforations. Ising a spatual, spread a thin layer of Pastry Filling across the top of the dough. Sprinkle pistachios and cherries generously atop. Working lengthwise, roll the dough into a log. Cut into six equal portions, then turn each piece into a cupcake pan lined with cupcake wrappers. Bake in an oven preheated to 400 degrees for 16-18 minutes or until lightly browned and cooked through. Remove from oven and frost immediately.

Almondine Cream Icing

4 oz. cream cheese

2 T . SOLO Almond Cake & Pastry Filling

1/2 lb. powdered sugar

2-3 T. apple juice or milk

Beat all ingredients together until smooth. Spoon on top of warm spirals.

14 Responses to “Adam’s Sweet Almond Anniversary Spirals”

  1. Jenni says:

    That is so sweet. I was able to go to the bakery on Nie's birthday and got myself a va-nie-lla cupcake. so good! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to do good and look out for one another. :)

  2. Kelly O. says:

    I'm glad she won. This post was special.

  3. Not quite there yet... says:

    That was like reading a sweet love story. How sweet is she! How amazing that you can just make up a recipe to honor someone! Lovely!

  4. Kim says:

    You are amazing Brooke! I love it!

    And what an amazing couple, too. Happy Anniversary to you!

    Thanks to both of you for being so generous with your donation, time, and talent. I love Nie and think this was a wonderful way to help her.

    Kim :)

  5. MEvans says:

    I was so excited to discover the winner of your cupcake!!! Jill is an old friend with whom I've lost contact and I couldn't believe it was her beautiful face gracing your blog!! I'd love to regain contact with the Kynastons- any way you could hook us up? Oh- and they really are the sweetest couple!

  6. Amanda says:

    Such a creative twist on the cupcake. I love the colors too. :)

  7. Adam Kynaston says:

    Dearest Brooke –

    What a sweet anniversary gift you've given us!! Jill is the best wife in the whole world – I'm so lucky to have her :) She's so thoughtful too – when she was told she won a cupcake design, she told me how much she wanted to design one after our sweet twin girls – they are the cutest things in the world – but I begged and begged her to please let me have my own cupcake. I love pastries so much, and baking them even more! Finally I told her to go ahead and have it designed after the babies, and she said she'd go ahead and do that…..and surprise, it's for me! What a sweet woman.

    I am embarrassed to say how many of these I ate last night and this morning, so I won't – I made them with raspberries and nearly died for joy. I will simply say that this is the most delicious pastry I have ever had in my life; it is an absolutely perfect gift from my perfect wife (and a perfect pastry chef!). Thanks so much for all your thoughtfulness – whenever we are back in UT we'll have to all get together and share a pastry :)

    Beautiful blog post as well – so thoughtful. Anne is far and away my favorite book, movie, and fictional character :) I know it's kind of girly and nerdy, but I don't care – I'm happily married and confident enough to say so :) Thanks for such thoughtful pictures — even one of my favorite quotes!! Such a wonderful anniversary gift.

    Lots of thanks and love from us.

    Adam K

  8. REAL ME says:

    Those spirals look yum

  9. Phoenix says:

    This is so adorable, and you have such a kind heart to share your talents for such a great cause. And Adam and Jill are the cutest :)

  10. Noodle says:

    These have some of my favorite flavors and they look yummy. How sweet of you, Brooke! And all because of NieNie, one of my favorite people.
    I also love Anne of Green Gables, and have flowers a fellow AoGGs fan picked for me on Prince Edward Island. Thank you for all of your efforts and the delicious results!

  11. Wanda says:

    Oh how I love it!

    Gosh they look delicious too.

    Love me some Anne Shirley as well.


  12. Little Miss Baker says:

    how cute!! and these sound just fabulous :) yummy!

  13. beansandbroccoli says:

    Where do you find the almond filling? Went to the grocery store yesterday and didn't have any luck. Thanks!

  14. Miss M says:


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