Burnt Marshmallow S’mores

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Burnt Marshmallow S’mores

If Labor Day at your house means an end-of-summer barbecue, an afternoon spent sitting in lawnchairs under the waning yellow sun, a day of children and neighbors and the warmth of friends, then this recipe is for you. If, of course, you have no such plans but desire them with all your heart, this recipe is for you, too. Lay out a spread of these snappy s’mores and you’ve got a party. Better yet, you’ve not only accomplished dessert but you’ve offered an activity that will keep the kiddies entertained for at least six minutes. Rather than actually cooking the marshmallows over an open flame (truly, isn’t it the WORST when you fry your marshmallow into a blacked nubbin? Then, it always drops into the dirt. Wahhh.) this recipe offers a fonduesque approach rather than a fire pit frenzy. Needed ingredients are inexpensive and easy to come by, preparation is minimal, assembly easy enough for even the loopiest toddler, and clean-up is super sinchy because it entails simply licking fingers and brushing crumbs onto the floor for the picnic ants to carry away.

1 King-Sized Milk-Chocolate Hershey’s Bar

1 King-Sized Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Bar

1 Bag Large marshmallows

10-12 Oreo Cookies, chocolate cream centers, finely crushed

6 very thin wooden dowels cut into several 10 inch sticks

In two small, separate bowls, melt chocolate bars. Dip one half of a marshmallow in the melted cookies and cream bowl. Turn it upsidedown and spear it onto the tip of a dowel. Dip the other half of the marshmallow into the bowl of melted milk chocolate, the press firmly into the Oreo crumbs. Eat immediately or allow chocolate to harden before serving.

Party Hint: I found it useful to set out several handfuls of dowels so the kids had ample opportunity to dip the Burnt Marshmallow’s. Our entire lot of helpers were so overcome with the making of the treats that they didn’t want to eat their creations right away. The old glass bottles you see in the photo’s provided a perfect upright storage for the kids to stash completed marshmallows until the dipping was complete. Once all the chocolate was used up and many of the marshmallows had cooled slightly, they were plucked merrily from the bottles and snacked heartily upon.

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