Butterscotch Pecan Pie for One

Years back
{and I do mean years back…Though, oddly it feels just like yesterday}
I tried three times to turn the first pages of Jan Karon’s “At Home in Mitford
and for whatever reason, just couldn’t sink myself into its leaves.
However, being prompted by a friend to try one-more-time,
I opened the book and gave it another go.
I was happily hooked.
This post has very little to do with that book.
Except that one of it’s principal characters always asks his love interest with starry-eyes,
“What don’t you love?”
To prove her lack of perfection,
his amor could cleverly rattle off a list of things she didn’t love.
I adored that about her.
It seemed to me anyone who can breeze through a witty list of things they don’t love
was exactly the sort of person I’d like to grow into.
Inspired, I began keeping a list of things I don’t love. For instance:
Brown spotted bananas.
Burnt orange crayons and turtlenecks.
Cleaning dried toothpaste off the living room carpet.
Of course, if one is spending anytime writing down her dislikes,
she’d be wickedly ill-served to not also list her loves.
So, I began writing my finest adorations. Among them:
A rank of hand-written letters, enveloped and addressed and waiting their mission to deliver glad tidings via metal mailboxes.
Standing in a silvery tidepool under a glowing moon.
Tigers Blood Snowcones.
Fresh-folded laundry placed into empty drawers.
Gloomy autumn days with a fire burning fat logs as I cradle a worn book in hand.
Shakespeare read aloud.
School uniforms.
The crackle of music on a record player.
Giggling into phone lines with a sisters voice my ear.
Surprise deliveries set upon the doorsteps of dear friends.
Tell me of your list. What don’t you love?
What do you adore?
Butterscotch Pecan Pie for One
{baked as a three-pack}
As we were walking into Walmart the other day, our Korean exchange student said, “you always say you hate Walmart, but then we always go here.” I sighed, tried to explain how there is no where else in our fair city that offered perusal through a craft section and candy aisle at eleven in the p.m. on Tuesday night. On this night, in particular, KwanYong needed Pepsi (we don’t drink it in our house) and I needed pink ribbon and a bag of socks. I also found the above little beauties. A 3-pack of mini pie & tart foils, with lids for $1.49. Couldn’t they just inspire you a million times over? This weekend, they inspired a batch of autumn baking for our flu-stricken friends. I thought a simple pie full of protein and butterscotch might make for healthy bodies so put together three pretty pies, wrapped them up for delivery, and let sugar therapy work it’s wonders. Will let you know if we’ve found the H1N1 cure all.
2 eggs
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup pecan pieces
1/2 cup butterscotch chips
1 pre-made pie crust
Using a medium sized bowl, cut three circles from the pie crust. Press circles into mini-pie tins. In a large bowl, mix remaining ingredients. Pour evenly into crusts, place on a cookie sheet, and bake in an oven preheated to 400 degrees for 17-19 minutes. Top of crust will be nicely browned, and centers just set when ready to come out of oven. Allow to cook completely before covering with lids & delivering to deserving darlings (or eating all for yourself. One for breakfast. One for Lunch. One for snack before a healthy dinner.)

Whooty Whee! Our Winner is Thee.
Three cheers {and a red-hot apron} for
the winner of the Dear Jane apron giveaway.
And, thank you to each of you for writing such nice things.
Another thing I love? You, for writing such nice things.
Sherry, please contact me via email to claim thy winnings.
Toodles & Pips.
(that ones for you, Emma)