Hiya Cheeky.

Caramel Pop

Sometimes, the same old thing is fine.
My good husband subscribes to this philosophy most of the time,
ordering the same thing from the menu each time we eat at his favorite restaurant.
This dear man of mine has laid in our cold and lonely bed for four nights straight
because he happens to be married to a gal who believes quite the opposite.
I sort of adore change, always wanting to try something new, looking to add a little flair here or there, revamping the tarnation out of a perfectly lovely blog with the hopes that a bit of tinkering could make it all the more divine.
Hang in there, honey! I’m nearly finished!

So, other than my penchant for changing the perfectly acceptable,
the concept behind the ALL-NEW
ConversationsWithACupcake aka Tongue-N-Cheeky.com
grew out of a desire to expand my recipe offerings, obtain an www address,
and then there was the little matter of
this dress…

I found this little peach while perusing the offerings on StopStaring.com. When I glimpsed their Park Avenue dress, I fell head first into adoration.

{However can I thank the fabu L.A. clothing company for all the inspiring ideas they oozed into the Tongue-N-Cheeky blog redesign?! Founded on the idea of timeless and classic dresses, Stop Staring! clothing is inspired by silver screen glamour icons and have been featured in the world’s top fashion magazines including Vogue, Lucky, CosmoGirl,Life and Style, Allure, Seventeen, People, and more. And, it’s no wonder why! Everytime I slip into my divine little number, I feel instantly glamorous. It’s curve-huggy in all the right places, flatteringly slimming, and positively adorable. The only problem I have with Stop Staring? Trying to decide which dress to order next! There are too many I’ve fallen madly in love with…The Jewel Emrld, The BDavis, PLUS the entire line of cocktail dresses created for DaddyOs.com. I tell ya, it’s a fashion conundrum. A devastatingly delicious fashion conundrum.}

Then, there was this apron…

Designed by the glorious Dear Jane company.

It’s called the Mini Retro apron and I willing admit I’ve worn it around the house just for fun. Doesn’t it make you want to wear heels while you vaccum?

Even better yet…

They want you to have one!

Just CLICK HERE to view all of the Dear Jane half-aprons, then leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite.

One commentor will win a half-apron of their own.

Of course, there is more to the blog redesign than kitchen fashion.

The right sidebar is chock full of new marvels, including:

-My NEW site, CHEEKY SECRETS, wherein I share some of my best secrets for blogging successfully. A year ago this month I started a quirky little family blog, ConversationsWithACupcake. What a pleasure it’s been to watch that blog grow. I have always had a strong belief in the power of community, and feel that within the network of friends I’ve made via blogging. I also feel tremendously blessed to have found success through blogging, having made profit through advertising for the last six months. I hardly feel it’s my obligation to hog all of the things I’ve learned as my site has grown. It’s a pleasure to share with you some of the layout, advertising, and networking tricks that have helped my site increase viewership and gain steady site rankings. Cheeky Secrets will be updated weekly. Be sure to check the right sidebar for post updates!

CHEEKY NOTEBOOKS, another NEW blogventure whose beginnings are detailed in the first post. You can check it out HERE.

-Weekly NOTEABLE POST links. So many of you send me links to your own amazing posts. Thank you! This is where I get to brag about you, my gifted readers. Watch for weekly updates!

-Have I ever told you what an honor it is to see my recipes being made by marvelous women around the world? It really, truly is a treat. The SHOUT OUTS link will connect you to my recipes, as seen on other sites. Updated weekly.

-A New BUTTON. Now you can be Cheeky, too!

-The LOOKING FOR COOKING archive, found at the bottom of the sidebar, will now show simplified recipe titles. If you are looking for a specific cupcake recipe, you no longer have to scroll through obscure titles with fingers crossed that you’ll find the recipe you’re looking for. (Please be patient on this one. I told my 11-year-old I’d pay him 5 bucks an hour to organize it. The task of sifting through 200 posts did not delight my heart. So, he’s taken the job over. Though, it’s coming along rather slowly. We’ll get it, though! I promise!)

-Many, many thanks to my newest advertisers, whose links can be found on the right sidebar. The CHEEKY ADVERTISING website is up and running. If you’re interested in advertising, I’d love to have you along! Please click HERE to see current ad rates, advertiser testimonials, and contact information.

-The original blogger address ConversationsWithACupcake.blogspot.com will still get you here safely.

-And, of course, where would we be without cheeky RECIPES?! Well, girlies. I’ve been working overtime to prepare some of the finest surprises and delights you’ve ever seen in Blogville. October is going to be absurdly delectable. Do say you’ll join me. I’m ever so delighted whene’re you stop in. Thank you.

So, what can you expect from the New Tongue-N-Cheeky?! Upcoming posts that are more delicious and more fun than ever. None of which I could have pulled off by my lonesome. Throughout the last two weeks, my dearest friend & phenomenal photographer, Becki Madsen has been following me hither and yon, capturing the wildest and most whimisical desires on film. Don’t miss her photography site by clicking HERE. It was Becki, and equally chic blogging friend, Shauna who took all of the pictures for the TnC blog redesign. Thank you girls! How I do love you!

-Have a suggestion for something else you’d like to see? I’d love to hear from you!

POST EDIT, Thursday, 10:44 a.m: You darlings. Thank you for the many nice things you’ve said in your comments. Thank you, also for your feedback. I want to assure you that the food on Tongue-N-Cheeky will still often don funny faces and witty phrases. That quirky lil’ habit of mine ain’t going nowhere! I promise you nothing but party & personality all the time, here on Tongue-N-Cheeky! XO

{Vanilla Caramel Popcorn Pops}
I truly love this caramel recipe for it’s versatility and taste. It makes a lovely, creamy caramel which is both pliable enough to form shapes, and firm enough when dried to hold those shapes. And, doesn’t a stick make everything more appetizing?!

1 stick butter

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 c. light corn syrup

1/4 c. sweetened condensed milk

1/4 tsp. pure vanilla

Combine all ingredients (except apple vanilla) in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring constantly. Once boiling, cook for 2 1/2 minutes (just until soft-ball stage). Remove from heat, add vanilla. Allow to cool slightly.

Pour caramel over 6-8 cups of fresh popped popcorn. When caramel is poured over popcorn, stir until well coated, then begin packing carameled popcorn into a 1/2 cup sized greased measuring cup. I used the cup that sits atop my Popcorn Air-Popper and it worked like a charm. Gently press a sucker stick into the center of each popcorn ball. Allow completed pops to set on parchment paper until cooled.


Off to snuggle with my waiting John.

{Thank you, Sweetsie, for being so patient with this redesign week. We made it! XO.XO.}

Toodles My Sweets.