Pantry Art

I rarely fancy myself the crafty sort.

When one* can pull out a bowl and bake a batch of cupcakes
In eighteen to twenty-four minutes,
Then frost, sprinkle, and share the entire batch
With oneself and a handful of beloved small people,
One sometimes forget that hands are significantly useful
for more than just cracking eggs, whisking, pouring, and stuffing ones face.
(* namely…me.)
Which is why I’m especially grateful for two uber-crafty influences in my life.
The first being sweet Caroline from Salsa Pie,
who turned me onto the silhouette stylings of Hugo Guinness.
Guinness’ deliciously simple artwork inspired my recent
Make-The-Pantry-Space-As-Useful-As-Possible Makeover.
Innit pretty?!
Serene is more like it. Intelligent. Haute. Artful. Even fanciful.
(a good many things which I am, quite typically, not. Thanks so much, Salsa Pie for the inspiration!)
The project was also ever, ever so easy.
Our marker collection has never before maintained contact with matching lids for so long a period. It seems having a secure, divinely decorated spot for craft thingys actually helps them keep in their place all the more. Who knew?!
I’m also equally inspired and delighted by
crazy-awesome craftrepenuer, Kim, owner of the webs best DIY resource
You Can Make This.
(‘I can make THIS?!’ I squeal everytime I visit the site, looking at my batter-laden hands with astonishment. Put down the butter, girl! Pick up the scissors! Snip! Sew! Create! Yes, indeed, I do say this to myself. I’m legitimately trying to develop my inner craft diva between baking sessions. It would be so much more motivating if crafts were edible, sugar-laden, and butter smothered, wouldn’t it?)
Now, Kim, and identical twin sister, Kris have teamed up to create
The DIY Dish Web Show
which will bring the latest & greatest DIY projects, reviews & how-to’s online.
(And, seriously. How MUCH do these two look like Marie Osmond?!)
CLICK HERE to visit The DIY Dish website
where you can learn how to win one of two, incredible Janome sewing mLinkachines.
And, just for good measure, let’s have a giveaway of our own, shall we?

Leave me a comment and let me know
What website most inspires you to create?
And, you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win a batch of these adorable Work Of Art Clips.

Yummy. Yummy.