Lemon-Kissed Buttermilk Cupcakes with the World’s Fluffiest Cream Cheese Frosting


Do you see these cupcakes? Do you SEE THESE CUPCAKES?! These lemon-kissed & buttermilk & vanilla-bean cupcakes with a secret dollop of lemon curd hidden inside and a hefty swirl of fluffy cream cheese frosting up top?
These are the very cupcakes that I trotted across the street to neighbor, Susie, yesterday. Last summer, while sitting side-dy-side in the culdesac at a lazy neighborhood barbecue, Susie and I discovered our shared mad-crazy passion for baked goodies.

“I’m a cake snob.” She said frankly through her straight and pretty teeth, a floppy sun hat shading her eyes. She’s very chic, my Susie neighbor. “Me toooo!” I squealed in reply, deciding we would hereafter and forever be kindred cooking spirits.

So you can imagine why–whenever I have a truly beautiful cupcake emerge from my kitchen–I whoosh them onto a plate and take them over for Susie’s well-trained tastebuds.
I tell you such backstory to: (1) encourage you to adore Susie as I do, and (2) to place into perspective the email I recieved from her late last night which read as follows:
your cupcakes were the most delicious, fabulous cupcakes I have ever tasted, and I’m not kidding (they were eaten several seconds after you left). My hubby is at a party tonight, so the kids talked me into giving them some (a very small quarter for them, guess who ate the rest?) and they loved them- he misses out!

See why I love Susie? So the best.

See why you need to try this cupcake recipe of mine? So the best.

Plus, it’s another Real Women of Philadelphia contest entry, so there is a video tutorial along with it. CLICK HERE to find the recipe and video. CLICK HERE to buy a house in the neighborhood so you can taste test cupcakes with me and Susie (wouldn’t that be fun?!). Better yet, stay right where you are and bake up a batch for you and your beloved cake snob groupies.

I have a feeling they will think they are delicious and fabulous. (pssst….they might even sneak their hubby’s portion.)

But then again, all’s fair in love and cupcakes.


Do you love your neighbor?