Freckled Strawberry Lemonade Bars

Sometimes I think about the kisses I’ve kissed. I do. I’m shameless. Me, a happily married wife of 14 years, and I’ll be driving down the road, remembering one summer afternoon when a metal-toothed teenager showed me how to kiss on the beach. I think about a starlit evening when a shy high school boy leaned in and closed his eyes. When a cute college beau smooched me on the doorstep of my dorm. Kissing is nice.

But, here’s the thing about kissing: Kissing gets better as you get older. You grow up and get to kiss a handsome guy, and call him husband. You get to kiss a warm baby bundle for the first time and second, and everyday thereafter. You kiss boo-boo’s better, kiss a lovely father-in-law on the cheek, kiss the tips of your finger and wave goodbye as your clever children bound out the door for their first day of school.
And there, right there, is the other thing about kissing: It’s so often to say goodbye. The kiss to a beloved sister at the end of cherished visit. The kiss of chubby cousin cheeks that won’t be seen again for another year. The kiss of the summer air as you drive slowly home. It somehow sounds sad. But, that’s the other thing that makes kissing especially good as you grow older. Every kiss becomes ever more delightful, because you realize how precious each one is.
Which is a realization I’m glad I didn’t have in high school. There’s only so much delight one girl can take from boys in braces.


Freckled Strawberry Lemonade Bars
Not ready to kiss summer goodbye quite yet? Try these tangy, sweet, and simple strawberry lemonade bars. I love how the flavor of fresh strawberries kisses the sour lemon custard in these gorgeous bars. You probably will like them enough, you’ll wanna to kiss me. Do try to refrain.
1 c. flour
½ c. butter, softened
¼ c. powdered sugar
Dash of salt
3 eggs
1 oz. cream cheese
2 T. flour
1 ½ c. sugar
¼ c. fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1/2 c. strawberries
2 T. sugar
1 t. cornstarch
In a large bowl, combine 1 c. of flour, butter , powdered sugar, and salt until well mixed. Press into the bottom of a 9×9 inch baking pan. Bake in an oven preheated to 350 degrees for 15 minutes. In a large bowl, combine eggs, cream cheese, 2 T. flour, 1 ½ c. of sugar, and lemon juice. Pour over cooked crust. In a blender, puree strawberries, 2 T. sugar, and cornstarch. Spoon here and there over the lemon mixture. Return to oven and bake for an additional 20-25 minutes, until lemon mixture is fully cooked and firmly set. Cool completely before cutting into squares (or triangles). Dust with powdered sugar before serving.

29 Responses to “Freckled Strawberry Lemonade Bars”

  1. ♥peachkins♥ says:

    They look amazing!

  2. screwdestiny says:

    I swear, if I was one of the few lucky people you cook for all the time I would be like, 200 pounds because everything you make looks SO. DANG. GOOD.

  3. mangiabella says:

    i couldn't agree more sweet bella, them kisses just keep gettin better – and these are just too cute – I have all of these ingredients too! I only own one baking ban, that I inherited somehow, not sure of the size, I'm hoping it will work – )I'm seriously lacking in the baking accessories department don't even own a cookie cutter! – just a baking sheet and some muffin pans lol)

    i'll try these when I get back from the lake!

    KISSES! j

  4. ♥Maria Medeiros♥ says:

    Omg! WOW! Love your blog and this recipe!!!! I must try it out!!! :D Lovely!!!!

  5. Eliana says:

    I'm totally not ready to kiss summer away so I'm excited to give these a try at home :)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Aww, those are delightfully cute! And I have to agree wholeheartedly on the reminiscing about long forgotten kisses but then remembering how much better kisses get as you get older. There is nothing sweeter then the big drooly kiss I get from my two year old son and the wide mouthed (soon to be a real) kiss I get from my eight week old daughter.

    Love this post!

  7. Heather I. says:

    SO true about kisses, they just get sweeter and sweeter. And your bars look just as irresistible!!

  8. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    I want one!!

  9. Jessica says:

    Your post made me smile, thinking about all of my kisses.

    I love these lemonade bars…neat name for them. Cute!

  10. Jamica says:

    So cute! So true! I love these sentiments about kissing! And kisses certainly do become more cherished. These bars look heavenly! I have got to remember to read your blog BEFORE I brush my teeth for the night. I definitely need something a little sweet with a little tang right now!

  11. Jas. says:

    oh my word! (as shirley temple would say) these look divine – although they'd be too sour for me, I've been looking for something for my man who loves all things citrus sour! Bookmarked for this weekends baking!

  12. katie says:

    This recipe looks really delicious. I love the taste of lemon and strawberry together. I'll definitely have to try some!

  13. cookies and cups says:

    Great post and yummy bars! I do have to say, some kisses I would like to forget ;)

  14. Camille says:

    I love your perspective and especially your recipes! :) My favorite kisses are those from my slobbery-faced two year old when she takes my face in her little hands and plants one right on my cheek.

  15. Becky says:

    I love how you always make food so fun! These look so refreshing and unique. They are going on my list for when I can eat eggs again….have got to wean this kid:-)

  16. Miss Jean says:

    I have a luncheon coming up in the fall. I hope I can find strawberries then to make this! They look delicious.

  17. Heather says:

    I made these tonight and they're still baking after an hour. Was there some kind of mistake in the recipe? I noticed there was a line that said "add flour… and flour", so I kind of imagined there was a problem. If you could email me a follow up, that would be great.

  18. Cheeky Kitchen says:

    The recipe is typed in correctly, though I can see how it might seem confusing. There are two times that flour is added to the recipe, the first is the 2 cups in the crust, the second is 2 Tablespoons in the lemon mixture. I've indicated those amounts in the recipe instructions now, in the hopes that it's easier to understand for anyone else making this recipe. THANKS for you question! Happy baking!

  19. bridget {bake at 350} says:

    These are so, so pretty! And your post made me tear up a little thinking about sweet kisses. Of course, I'm choosing to forget about all of those frogs I kissed before finding my prince. We'll be married 14 years this year, too!

  20. Cookin' Canuck says:

    Kisses are just so much better when you are kissing someone you have shared many experiences with. What a fun dessert! Love the name.

  21. Leslie says:

    Howdy girl!!!
    I saw these on your site and I made them the same night!!!!!! I didn't have strawberries so I used blueberries! They were Yum-A-Licious! Next time I make them (and that will be soon) I might decrease the sugar a bit. They were REALLY SWEET! But that didn't stop me from eating them every time I opened the fridge! I finally had to take them over to my 90 year old I would stop eating them!!!!
    Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  22. The Scootabaker says:

    these are pretty unique! haven't seen this done before! gotta give it a try for sure! i have meyer lemons and srtawberries waiting to be used!

  23. Becky says:

    I made these over the weekend and while they weren't nearly as pretty as the ones in the pic, they were incredibly delicious! Thanks!

  24. Christy says:

    In the list of ingredients, you list 1 cup flour, but in the instructions you direct us to add 2 cups of flour. Very confusing! I added 1 cup of flour and they were delicious, but I was glad I paid attention to the top, not the bottom fo the instructions. Yummy new version of my favorite Lemon Bars. I will make these again!

  25. Cheeky Kitchen says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Christy! Whoops! You were right to use only 1 cup. Confusion fixed! Yay us!

  26. marla says:

    Brooke, you have truly captured summer in these bars!

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  28. Zsuzsa says:

    Hello Brooke, I made your wonderful bars yesterday and we simply LOVED it! Thank you so much for sharing.

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