Tomato Cucumber Sandwiches


People ask me all the time about my culinary training. No they don’t. But, wasn’t that a thrilling lead-in for this post?

No one has ever asked me about my culinary training, and here’s why. Because I’m a country-trained cook, and it comes through loud and clear on this here blog of mine. I make warm and cozy stuff. Recipes like Buttermilk Chicken, Red Velvet Bundt Cakes, and Homemade Poptarts. I reminisce about my grandmother and imagine myself being Lucille Ball as I stir up Sweet Potato Soup on our splatter-speckled stove top. It’s a simple existence I live.

And, though I can adore me a fancy night on the town, appreciating all the subtle flavors and nuances to haute cuisine, I’m perfectly content with a dinner of fresh-garden tomatoes slathered in salt and fresh-cracked pepper.

Which, as it turns out is exactly the sort of meal I enjoyed after a dear friend popped by with some of her fresh-grown produce. Real, live tomatoes. Bright red and bursting with that snappy smell of dirt and goodness. There were cucumbers, too. Litle garden elves that fit perfectly in my hand, inspiring me with a magical thought.

The magical thought was this: make cucumber sandwiches just like Grandma used to make when I lived with her some fliptychtfd years ago. In all that time (I shudder to admit) I’d never, had all the proper ingredients in my kitchen. The cukes and tomatoes sold in the grocery aisles aren’t the same as those pulled fresh from tilled soil. But now, here they were. There was cheese in the fridge. A paper plate in the pantry. All the makings of a perfect sandwich.

Here now, you shall see, the extent of my culinary upbringing. Are you ready?

Slice veggies. Toast toast. Put cheese on paper plate.

See? This is why no one ever asks if I’m a certified chef.

Microwave cheese on plate. When it’s gooey and bubbly, remove cheese plate from microwave.

Lay aside all cheese-sandwich-making predjudices. This is about to get real good.

Scrape melted cheese from plate with a butter knife. Spread on toast. Top with sliced cukes and tomaters.

It’s not fancy. It sure isn’t schmancy. But, dang. This is the way to eat a sandwich.

No culinary degree required.



Grandma's Garden Sandwiches


2 slices of toast
Garden fresh cucumbers, sliced thin
Garden fresh tomatoes, sliced thin
1 slice American cheese
1 paper plate


Place the slice of cheese on a paper plate, microwave it for 25 seconds, or just until melted. Scrape the melted cheese from the plate and plop it on the toast. Top with cukes, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Eat & enjoy.


Can you spot that shiny bowl of soup in the photo above?

Just you wait until I show you the quick, simple secret to making that bowl of Country Tomato Soup. It’s coming up next week. In the meantime, do tell. What ridiculously simple food & cooking techniques have you learned from your family?