Get to Know Your Root Veggies

We’re waking early, early, tres early to pop our children into a plane and fly home from a weekend in Washington DC.  We are not happy about this impending plan.  DC has been good to us.  Rife with trips to potato chip factories, and giant slides, endless walks around museums, and midnight donut runs.  It’s been splendid. 

Better than the haunts we’ve visited are the peeps we love.  DC is full of such peeps.  We slept, ate, and played with our Merrill friends, besties since the olden days. The sort of people you’d put in your pocket and carry with you for always, simply because you can’t imagine your life without them.  We lunched in the Sculpture Garden with Marti Johnson, a talented news reporter and whip smart gal I met ages ago via blog.  Though I’d consider the two of us long time pals, we’d never met face to face and it was a delight to have her lounging over lunch, sharing her vibrant self with us for the afternoon. And, don’t get me started on the treat that was Saturday afternoon, with DCBrit and MrsDCBrit.  Russell had thunk up a plethora of perfect plans that started with a thoughtful gift and ended with Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes.   The only problem…it all ended much.too.soon.

Because, like I said, we’re popping the fam on a plane tomorrow and heading home. We’re not the least bit tickled with the schedule, but we are so immensely grateful for the memories we’re taking home as souvenirs.  They are simply.splendid.

Just before leaving for DC, my glorious camera decided to crack itself into a pile of ash laden rubble.  Yeah, whatevs.  Maybe it wasn’t so dramatic, but it broke itself bigtime.  And so, I leave you today with a link to my Friday article for Betty Crocker, which is pretty much one of the coolest posts ever on root veggies , including recipes you can make with those sneaky little suckers.  Check it out here.  Then, go smooch on your best friends.  Because, root veggies are nice.  But besties are better.

I know.  Because I’m saying goodbye to a handful of mine tomorrow and the very thought has got my innards all knotted up. 

TTFN DC.  Love ya lots.