Weekend Craft: Pink Piggy Valentines Day Box


Since Valentines Day is on Monday this year, we’re putting the final touches on our love notes this weekend, stuffing candy into envelopes, and duck taping together the makings of mailboxes for valentine deliveries.

Sparked by an idea from her art teacher, my little Rebecca made this adorable little pink pig mailbox from a 2-liter soda bottle. It was so simple, and turned out so cute that we thought we’d share the idea, just in case your little one is stressing over their own Monday morning valentine box contest.


Pink Pig Valentine Mailbox
1 2-liter soda bottle, cleaned & dried
1 bottle pink spraypaint (we used “watermelon”
1 sheet bright pink felt
5 bright pink pipe cleaners
2 white, wooden hearts (or googly eyes, or white paper cut into hearts)
1 glue gun loaded with a full gluestick

1. Use a sharp knife to carefully carve a large smile into the plastic bottle, just below the cap.

2. Spray paint the entire bottle with pink paint in an outdoor location. Allow it to dry completely before bringing inside.

3. Cut 2 small triangles out of the corner of the pink felt. Fold the center of one triangle, place a thin bit of hot glue onto the bottom edge of the triangle. Press onto the painted bottle to create an ear. Repeat with the second triangle.

4. Hot glue the eyes between the ears and “snout” cap. Use a black marker to draw a black dot on each eye.

5. Twist the pipe cleaners around a marker to create five pink swirls. Glue four onto the bottom of the pig for legs. Glue one onto the backside for a tail.


The End.