Cook Up a Mess with Clorox: Easter Sundae Cups

There’s this fantastically fabu online contest going on right now, and you’re going to want to join in the fun.  Clorox is sponsoring the Cook Up a Mess! With Clorox Clean-Up Cleanser, encouraging families to get in their kitchen, cook with their kids, and get messy.  Could there be a more delightsome thing to do this weekend?

To enter the contest, you’ve just gotta click here, submit a pic of you cooking up crazy fun with your kids in the kitch, and tell ’em about your experience. Easy! Tasty! Totally cool! There’s one catch…you’ve gotta do it THIS WEEKEND, because the contest ends in 3 days, on March 28th. So grab your kids, get messy, and win yourself a trip for 4 to NYC!

Inspired by the contest, we pulled together a few of our favorite friends, blew up a billion balloons, melted oodles of colorful candies, and put a springtime twist on Bakerella’s chocolate pudding cups. The kids drizzled and mixed and dipped teensy balloons into warm bowls of candy melts.  They ran rampant through the house as our chocolate bowls dried, then screamed like hyenas while the bravest of the lot popped the balloons with toothpicks, revealing pretty little pastel bowls.

And what else would you do with such a bowl that to fill it to heaping with vanilla bean ice cream, top with obscene amounts of whipping cream, and smother in enough sprinkles to choke a grown adult?  Well, I can’t think of a darned thing.  So, that’s what we did. 

It was messy.  It was sprinkley.  But, gosh it was fun.  Uber thanks to Clorox for inspiring an afternoon of such delight (and for making it even easier to clean up!) Now get into your kitchen and do the same. Mouths full of smiles and a table full of confetti guaranteed.


Easter Sundae Cups


1 pound pink candy melts
1 pound light blue candy melts
1 pound lavendar candy melts
1 packages water balloons


Blow up the balloons. We thought they looked best when blown up into small, round balls. Wash and dry the balloons, then spray with a very light coating of nonstick cooking spray.

In three separate, medium glass bowls, melt the candy melts in the microwave according to package directions. Dip the balloons into the candy melts, then place them to dry on a large, flat piece of parchment paper. Allow the candy melts to harden completely in a cool, dry place (it took ours about an hour). Pop the balloons with a toothpick or pin. Gently pull the balloons from the candy cups. Discard balloons.

Fill the candy cups with scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry (or strawberry Whoppers). Eat and enjoy!

Clean up with Clorox Clean-Up Cleanser. Phew.