Tuxedo Peeps

Hi Peeps! I’m in Minneapolis this week, chillaxing at the Betty Crocker kitchens.  There are no less than a billion exciting happenings, five of which I’ll schpill as soon as I have an opportunity (read: a tolerable internet connection and warm bath water.  Hotel living. Sheesh.).

In the meantime, guess what the kids and I did to three boxes of Easter Bunny Peeps this weekend?  We dressed ’em up, buttoned ’em up, tied on bowties. Normally, I don’t so much like me some Peeps.  But, these Chocolate Covered Tuxedo Peeps. Oh, mama. I kissed their sugary little heads then ate them without delay. As yummy as they are delish.

You can find all the deets on how to make them here.  How fun would it be to wrap up a chocolate box full of the little critters and share them with someone you adore? 

Peeps out.