Baby Bundt Cakes with Vanilla Bean Icing

Today in yoga, my favorite instructor encouraged us to set an intention for Easter Weekend. “Something that brings joy,” she said with her peaceful smile and gentle voice. She’s not one for forcing anyone to do anything, but suddenly she added, “And dye easter eggs. It’s so fun. Just celebrate the color of the season, even if you have to do it all by yourself.”

Thankfully, I’ve got a kitchen table full of tots who plan to paint Easter Eggs tomorrow morning. But, I love the reminder of all this weekend offers for celebration. I love being encouraged to slow down and really do the stuff of joy. Of course, for me, the very essence of joy is spending time in a warm kitchen. So, I plan to sit down in two minutes and finalize my Easter grocery shopping list.  There will be berries and asparagus, this I know. The hubby doesn’t much like ham, so maybe I’ll try to talk him into stuffed Portabello caps (ha! wish me luck on that one!) or some sort of other splendid, non-hammy main dish (ideas, anyone?!).

If you haven’t yet finalized your own menu, hows abouts you stir together a simple little batch of my moist and perfect Little Chocolate Poundcakes with Vanilla Bean Icing. I fixed up a batch for Smithfield this week, and you can nab the recipe for this dense little cake, as well as a slew of other gorgeous Easter Ideas over at the Smithfield blog.

Wishing you the finest of weekends, with hope that you’ve plenty of time to celebrate the joy, color, and flavors of the season. Happy Easter! Happy Spring!