Inside the Betty Crocker Kitchens

Last month I trotted myself over to Minnesota and spent two fabu days in THE Betty Crocker kitchens, located in the heart of the General Mills campus, right in the center of a very cold and chilly Minneapolis.  Day Two was set aside to film two videos for Bisquick (here and here), and Day One was filled with a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility. Want to see what it looks like to live with Betty?

The General Mills campus was massive. I had no idea. It’s clean and slick and well-organized and buzzing with some of the finest people I’ve yet worked with. Everyone was lovely nice. And talented. And nicely coiffed. They have a hair salon right there in the GM headquarters. Serious.

In fact, to celebrate the talent of the Betty Crocker employees and freelancers, the company hosts an annual art competition where participants are invited to submit photos of General Mills products used in clever ways.

Seriously clever ways.

Can you spot the fruit rollups? Clever, eh?

I got to walk through the Betty Crocker prop room, which is pretty much food blogger heaven. Can you imagine if you had all those plates…and bowls…and serving platters? That’s straight up nirvana right there.

Oh, and there are forks. Drawer after drawers of color-coordinated forks and spoons and knives. Red ones.

Green and yellow ones.

Blue. Blue. Blue and Blue. I’m trying to decide between nabbing the red drawer or the blue one. I think red.

After I came down from the Prop Room high, I joined up with the lovely Kristen Olsen, Food Editor and Betty Crocker celeb extraordinaire. Not only does Kristen have perfect skin, she’s talented in the kitchen, fabulous in red, you can also catch her in a new series of baking videos appearing on BettyCrockerTV. Oh, and she’s a beekeeper. How do you not love Kristen already?

Kristen and I cooked up a batch of Fluffernutter Cookies. They were ridiculously scrum.

Day two was filled with filming. The crew from Three Volts handled all of the dirty work. I’m really tempted to cut and paste the thesaurus terms for “incredible” here because that’s pretty dang much what they all were.  Business partners Jake Nyberg and Bill Prouty made the entire experience fun, fast, and entirely enjoyable.

I had me a lovely makeup artiste, Desiree.  She’s a cutie.

Des also happens to be girlfriend to this cameraman, Andre. I think they’d have absurdly cute children. Just sayin’.

And my favorite gal of the day was the food stylist. She had every step of every recipe prepared four times, on exactly the same plates, and laid everything out with such precision and care. I really need her in my kitch. Stat.

The day ended with pictures of the crew. Random things pictures. Apparently they do this after every shoot. Hilarious!

Then, I was off to meet up with another group of my favorite Minnesotans…

Shaina Banaina and her Food for my Family crew, including the infamous hubby Ole, who was actually crushing garlic when I arrived at their home. Yep. Crushing fresh garlic. With his bare hands. The rumors are true, people. Ole and Shaina are mad awesome.

Shain and I spent a handful of hours trotting around Mall of American (rollercoaster, anyone?) then headed over to Psycho Suzies for cheese curds and a lengthy midnight chat.  Yum.

I owe a HUGE thank you to Naomi Alford, the brains behind the whole trip, for inviting me to join her. Such a treat!