Simply Perfect Hummus

There are nights when my hubby and I climb into bed and I can’t stop talking. Does this ever happen you? It’s like being hopped up on some conversation stimulant, your mind moving light speed, too many good things to say in a single breath. Or four. So you just talk.

On nights like these, my husband is very patient. I can see it as he bites his lips, blinks his eyes slowly. Is this for real?, I’m sure he wonders, whoever needs to talk this much before bed?

It’s not bedtime at all, but I feel so full of things to say I’m afraid you’ll be blinking your eyes and wondering what gives. Well, tough knuckles kitty. ‘Cause I’ve tried yoga breathing and self hyponosis, but it’s just one of those days. Lots to say, mind spewing forth all sorts of wonders. And maybe just generally spewing all sorts of nonsense, too. That’s how we roll around these parts.

Today is my husband’s last day on the job. For fifteen years, he’s taught religion classes to high school and college-aged kids for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Two weeks ago he tendered his resignation. Today is it.

People in our little circle have been going nuts. “The rumor mill is already going,” said one co-worker last week. I’m not sure what the rumors are, but let’s pretend they are truly delicious. You think of something scintillating and get back to me.

The main question we’ve been getting is, “so he quit the job, NOW WHAT?” and the answer is…we have no idea.

I’m a rational human being. I get that isn’t the sort of response you’d like to hear from two grown adults. But, it’s the truth. Kinda.

Actually, the more truthful answer is that we do have an idea. It’s kind of an energy, a feeling. A general push to do more, to grow beyond the box we’ve so long closed ourselves into. For the last fifteen years, my husband has taught the same curriculum over and over and over again. That’s a great thing for some people, I’m sure. But, for a guy as ravishingly capable as mine, it’s a quick way to get yourself stuck in a cycle of anti-growth. Sure, there were meetings that encouraged him to keep his teaching fresh and new. But, when everything is the same, nothing really changes.

Which is why we decided to change. We needed to jolt ourselves out of quasi-contentment and demand more of ourselves. There are dreams to chase and big things to tackle. There is expansion of the soul waiting to be tried on, a whole wardrobe of wonderment for our tiny little selves.

So, he quit. Resigned. Kick the job to the curb.

It’s been a great job, don’t get me wrong. But, when you stand back and determine that the direction in which you are heading isn’t anywhere near going toward the destination you desire, you have an obligation as the captain of your story to rewrite. To step off the path. To plant your feet on another one. To go, do, believe, and make things happen. Even if you don’t quite yet know what they are.

The budget is going to be tight. The laundry is going to be well caught up. The hubby and I are truly excited to renovate our lives from the inside out.

And it’s kinda fun to not care beans about what everyone else thinks. (Though I do hope the gossip gets juicy. That’s the very best sort.)


Plain and Perfect Hummus


2 cans garbanzo beans, drained
2 cloves garlic or 4-6 cloves roasted garlic
juice of 1 lime
splash maple syrup (about a tablespoon)
2 tablespoons tahini
good quality olive oil
salt to taste


Add all ingredient to a food processor or industrial-strength blender. Being pulsing the mixture together and adding olive oil. Keep adding the olive oil until the mixture is smooth and pureed. Serve topped with a drizzle of olive oil and your favorite fresh-cut veggies, pretzel chips or pita chips.

COOL TIP: We LOVE serving our hummus with homemade naan, which makes for a fun activity for kids in the kitchen. I'll post a recipe for homemade naan soon! It's quick, easy, and absurdly good with this recipe!