God and Ugly Soup

Thursday already, and I’ve posted just a single time this week.

I’ve been terribly distracted. Have you seen it? Noticed it? Yeah you did. You’re observant like that.

Here’s the problem. I had the finest plan this week to whip up cinnamon bread and ginger-carrot soup. Oh, and the lovliest Thai Peanut Chicken pizza. But decided instead to curl across the covers of my bed and read. Read and read. It’s all I’ve been doing lately.

Well that, and making carrot soup. Which tasted as ugly as it looks. I was so busy reading, I over cooked the carrots and tossed in much too much cumin. The end result was crap nasty and I won’t have you blending up a batch in your kitchen.

Why all the reading you ask? It’s this small matter of God, you see.

Growing up Mormon, I’ve always had answers about God. Lots of them. In deep specifics. Then, life decided to get all up  in my bidness and teach me a few fine points (namely that people everywhere are incredible and good, that life is a blissfully beautiful creative web and maybe not quite the tightrope I’d always been taught it was, and gay best friends are among the finest people on the planet) and suddenly I have questions. Because I think God is much, much bigger than I’ve been giving Him credit for. And I love Him dearly and want to understand Him in all his magnificence.

So now the food blogger is drawing longs baths and sitting in them until they cool around her, craving Catholic masses and Quaker meetings, and begging everyone around me to tell me everything they know about the Big Man in the Sky.

It’s disconcerting, asking the questions which have plagued our people for centuries. It’s incredible, having questions, feeling small, packing your bags every morning for a journey on which you hope to fill bags with sufficiently rich answers.

For us, that journey will take us into the heart of where this all started. Our family will move to Utah within the month, down the street from my husbands vibrant, beloved, tenderhearted parents.  We’ll be surrounded by cousins and sisters and brothers and a slew of new friends. We’ll leave behind so much of what we’ve learned to love here in Colorado. It’s a sacrifice, but one I’m willing to make.

Because good questions deserve lots of attention. And answers are worth sacrifices.

Just ask my garbage disposal, down which I sacrificed two bowls of carrot soup. All I wanted for lunch was to read anyway.


Ugly Soup


5 carrots
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion
1 tablespoon cumin
2 cups chicken broth
1 teaspoon fresh tarragon
1/4 cup crumbled goat cheese
1/4 cup bacon bits


Roast the carrots and onion in olive oil until over cooked. Toss in a blender with cumin and chicken broth.

Dump the soup down the drain with the tarragon and goat cheese. Much on bacon bits for lunch while reading something splendid.