Crazy Yum Buttercream Frosting

Hi. Me here.

I made Buttercream Frosting today. For cupcakes, duh. With melted vanilla ice cream. It’s a problem.

Because I also used a stick and a half of butter.

And I’d just sworn off of butter on Saturday. Swearing off of butter never does anybody any good.

Especially because a stick and a half of butter. And melted ice cream. In frosting.

Well, see for yourself.


No, wait. Fluff-ffff-ffff-fff-eeeeeeeee.

My children, every one of them stood at the counter with their noses near the edge of the mixing bowl.

“Can I have a lick?”

“Can I have a lick now?”



And I (being the particularly strict and controlling mother that I am) said, “No. You may not have a lick.”

Given sternly with follow-up command, “You MUST have a bite.”

The cheers were muffled by mounds of fluffeee frosting. But, I’m pretty sure the whole lot of them yelled, “Mom, you are gorgeous.” Because, you know. That’s what kids say while they are eating cupcakes made by your hands. With two sticks of butter. And melted ice cream.



Crazy Yum Buttercream Frosting


12 tablespoons butter
1/4 cup softened vanilla ice cream
5-7 cups powdered sugar
1 tablespoon pure vanilla OR
(a scrape of seeds from a single vanilla bean)


In a stand mixer, beat the butter and ice cream with the powdered sugar and vanilla. Whip on the highest speed you've got for a good 3 minutes. Spread over your favorite cupcake recipe (don't have a favorite? Try this one)! Eat, eat, enjoy.