Loaded Avalanche Bars

I have a wicked sister-in-law. Evil wicked.

Wonderful wicked.

She made my Thanksgiving week, and I am trying to understate the point here. But there it is. She made the week.

For starters, she dragged me to Zumba and Super Pump in the middle of a holiday week. We shook our thangs and we shook them hard and I owe every drop of endorphin in my blood stream that week to her.

For seconders, she had us over to dinner. And I mean din.ner. The sort of dinner where you pull out all the stops and make that lasagna recipe that is better than any lasagna recipe ever made. The kind they make in Italy. Followed immediately by a nonchalant plate of dessert that tastes like Utopia in your mouth.

Avalanche Bars and Zumba. This combo, I swear, was better than turkey and sweet potatoes and laying on the floor in a tryptophanic trance.

I love you, Flo. Thanks for everything you did to make the week fabsie.

And thanks to Tease and Ives, too. Because they made last week a welcome delight as well.

I wouldn’t trade my sister-in-laws for a sack of Euro’s.

A plate of avalanche bars, on the other hand, might be an entirely different deal.



Loaded Avalanche Bars


12 oz bag of white chocolate chips
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
3 cups Gluten-Free Rice Krispies
1 1/2 cups mini marshmallows
2 tablespoons mini chocolate chips + 1 Tbsp for sprinkling on top
1 cup Peanut Butter or Mini M&M's


Spray a 9x9 pan lightly with nonstick cooking spray. Toss the white chocolate chips into a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Stir, then continue in 30 second intervals until chips are melted. Mix in the peanut butter until smooth and creamy. Slowly stir in the Rice Krispies. Add the marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and M&M's. Stir to combine. Press the mixture firmly into the prepared pan. Don't push super hard to squish the bars, but do give them a gently smoosh to make sure they all stick together as they cool. Sprinkle chocolate chips or mini m&m's on top to garnish. Cool. Cut into squares. Be jealous that I have a sister-in-law who introduced me to such a wonder as these bars.

10 Responses to “Loaded Avalanche Bars”

  1. Anne says:

    Those look dangerous!

  2. Katrina says:

    This are so yummy looking! Great for kids too. Love it!

  3. Kendra says:

    I love that there is no oven involved. Microwave – yes – but not oven. Kid safe!

  4. Florrie Nuttall says:

    Well schucks…..What can I say? It was a delight to have you here with me. And the lasagna? It’s not so hard really. Just a couple of homemade sauces and about 2 pounds of hand grated cheese. (Which grating cheese after super pump is a treat in itself and one that you can now fully appreciate!) But these avalanche bars??!!! Peanut Butter m&m’s??!!! Are you freaking kidding me right now? You just took these to a whole ‘nother level! I love you and your little fam so much and I was a joy and pleasure to have you guys here with us….dancing, eating, sweating, laughing….puking…(oh wait, that was you, not me!) I can’t wait until we can do it again!!! Love you.

  5. Cumorah says:

    You had me at Zumba. And loaded rice krispies? I think I better hit an extra class this week so I can munch on an entire panful of these!

  6. Tracy says:

    Any thoughts on a substitute for peanut butter besides almond/hazelnut butter or sunflower seed butter?

    • Brooke says:

      Ummmm….you just nailed every substitute I could think up. Maybe a bit of heavy cream to make a white chocolate ganache? That would work equally well! Good luck!

  7. anna says:

    ooo lovely and so kid friendly! mmmm hope to see the lasagna here too…:)

  8. STH says:

    I could use some easy treats right now–I tried to make toffee for holiday presents today and wound up with toffee-flavored gum. I’m a great baker, but candy is just not my thing. This I figure I could just about handle, though. Thanks!

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