Iced Cherry Lemonade with Agave

We have internet. We have cable. We have a green desk tucked into the corner of the room. The “office” corner. The new house is taking shape. My oldest said today, “I really like this home.”

It’s nice to hear such a sentiment. Equally nice to feel such a sentiment in the soles of your own toes.

Returning to the computer, to the kitchen, feels like coming home, too. Settling into the old routines. I sometimes think I hate routines, but then I remember that’s only when I’m bored to pieces of said routines and needing a road trip, or long walk, or massive life event to remind me of the joy of the expected. I suppose a summer in which I recieve more than a few of all three of the above means I am ready to reallllly appreciate routine. Good thing, too. The routine of school begins on Tuesday (Tuesday!) so it’s get ready or cry.

Knowing routine is right around the corner makes me want to lick the marrow out of summer even more than ever. We sat on the front porch eating saltine crackers and sipping Iced Cherry Lemonades today. The kids ended up with bright red moustaches (very on trend and stylish, apparently) and we all agreed we were quite in love with the sippage.

And with how sucking cherry lemonade through a straw somehow makes the summer seem just a leeeetle bit longer. Like you can take it in and keep it part of you instead of staring down the barrel of saying goodbye.

Sip. Slurp. Slurrrrrrp.


Iced Cherry Lemonade with Agave


6 lemons, juiced
1 cup frozen cherries
1/2-2/3 cups agave (or a similar amount of sugar)
3 cups ice
6 cups water


Place all ingredients in an industrial-sized blender (like a VitaMix or Blendtec). Blend until very pureed. Serve immediately, garnish with mint, and enjoy.

TIP: For a "grown up" cooler, substitute 1 cup of vodka for the water. Enjoy!