Miso Green Beans

With Labor Day officially wound down, it’s as if permission to start posting comfort foods and pumpkin recipes is silently granted. I’m tempted to turn away from the summer produce, but it’s still flowing forth in such abundance here in Colorado (sat tonight at the kitchen table with an old friend, picking up wedges of fresh-grown tomatoes sparkled in sea salt) that I hate to call stop the veggie moment prematurely. So, we’ll pop a few more posts up with a focus on fresh harvest foods before heading into all the autumn delights.

Green beans make a splendid side dish. If you can cook them justlongenough to soften slightly without losing their bright green color, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous addition to any meal. In my experience, the best way to maintain the bright green color of fresh green beans is to flash-saute them in a skillet. Which is exactly what we gone done and did with this here recipe. Just before you remove it from the heat, you add a smattering of miso and tamari, which melt together and around the beans, coating them in splendor. Splendor, I tell you!

A few secret surprises waiting to be announced this week. Hang in there for some fun news!


Miso Green Beans


1 tablespoons olive oil
4 cloves garlic, smashed
1 Lemon, juiced
1 pound green beans
1/2 cup pine nuts or almonds
1 tablespoonn Sweet White Miso
1/2-1 Tbsp Tamari


Heat olive oil in skillet. Add garlic and pine nuts. Squeeze lemon over the pan. Tossin green beans and cover until softened slightly. Stir in miso and tamari. Serve and enjoy!