Pumpkin Almond Butter & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

There’s been all sorts of stuff brewing behind the scenes here at Cheeky Kitchen. I told you about a surprise two weeks ago, then mentioned it again last week. Sorry to be so slow in the unveiling. We’re still working on a few things behind the scenes, but I wanted to get you officially pumped up about it today, because….I’m three seconds away from launching a video blog on Disney’s Babble.com with my best friend Eldon, and I want you to come along for the ride! It’s going to be a crazy blast, and certainly wouldn’t  be the same without you.

So, here’s the deal. Our new series is called HisXHers and is the evolving story of life as it happens to Eldon and I. Three years ago, Eldon’s beautiful wife, Heather, died from breast cancer, leaving him as a widowed single dad to three gorgeous children. This year, he resigned from the LDS church as part of his personal journey to love and accept himself as the remarkable, gay man he’s always been. By day, E works as a marriage & family therapist (boyfriend has ESP, he’s so good at reading people and dispensing thoughtful advice it would give you chills), but at heart, he’s really just the most cray-mazing home decor guru ever. The one thing he doesn’t always adore? Preparing food for his family. And that’s where I come in. Since food is my freaking passion (and I’d rather poke my own eyes out than shop for home decor), we get together and show each other how to do the stuff we totally don’t like doing alone.

The episode will run on Disney’s Babble.com, and should be posted before the end of the week. I’ll keep you up to date as we get closer. In the meantime prepare thyself for all our updates by grabbing our RSS feed on the HisXHers website, follow us on Facebook, and be our friend on Twitter!

A few weeks ago, E and I were talking about schtuff. We do that from time to time.

He mentioned that he believes the true sign of love is when you listen to other people, hear what is important to them, then alter your existence on their behalf. For instance, you discover AmyMarieMeeker has a mad penchant for the keeping up with the Kardashians, so you try to read all the articles in People mag to ensure she’s not alone in her world. Or you sit down by your little Jacob while he’s playing the worlds most annoying video on YouTube and you watch it, because he thinks it’s just so so funny that he had to share it with you. Or, if you’re Eldon, you invite your cheeky friend to sit down at a table filled with ribbon-tied Anthro boxes and watch with joy as she pulls scalloped blue plates from the tissue paper, clapping, “they were just sooo you! they were just sooo you!”

And if you have a friend like Eldon, you wake up in the morning and pull together a recipe for those plates. Something he’d actually make. A breakfast so simple, so full of his favorite pumpkinny flavor, topped with just the right amount of barely-sweetened berries. Because, that’s how you love people.

You let their presence alter your existence. And you never, not even once, try to imagine life without them. Because their presence makes your existence so utterly delicious in every way.

So excited to vlog with you, E.  Now go get Bisquick and make snappy pancakes ’cause I heart ya.


Pumpkin Almond Butter & Chocolate Chip Pancakes


For the pancakes:
1 cup Bisquick
3/4 cup pumpkin puree
2 tablespoons almond butter
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1 teaspoon vanilla
just enough almond milk to make a good batter (not too thick, not too drippy)
2/3 cup milk chocolate chips

For the Berry Syrup:
1/2 brown rice syrup or pure maple syrup
1 1/2 cups frozen triple berry mix (the sort you buy at Costco)


Whisk all ingredients together in a large bowl.

Heat a griddle to medium heat. Spray with nonstick cooking spray. Cook pancakes on both sides until golden brown. Top with a decent pat of butter or coconut oil before spooning hot syrup up top.

In a small pot, cook brown rice syrup and berries together just until boiling. Remove from heat and spoon over your warm pancakes.