Creepy, Cute, and Craylicious: 8 All-New Halloween Recipes

There are a good too many nights I go to sleep with my sink piled high with dishes. Such is the life of a food blogger. Freelance assignments reign supreme when you’re payin’ the bills, so you mix and stir and rock it out in the kitch whilst making a serious messaroni all up in the hizzy. There’s a plus side to all that cookin. I’ve gone done and celebrated Halloween before the first of October, and can thereby share a few crazy fun ideas.

Like Mummy Fruit Roll-Ups. Say whaaaat?!

Or these fun and funky little Owl Cookies, which are supremely simple and so so adorbs. Aren’t they?

Looking for the ultimate homemade cupcake recipe? Wanna make it spookylicious, without being freakysneaky? Booyeah. I got your back on over at Good Cook.

Or pull together a delish dinna with this simple Pumpkin Cream Pasta. It’s just gooood, goooood, goooooood.

We might just whip up a batch of this Witches Brew this year, instead of the usual Halloween chili I traditionally make. Doesn’t a pot of green stew just make Halloween seem extra fun?

Tablespoon asked me to make these white chocolate Buckeyes, and my kids devoured their peanut buttery goodness. It just be fun and scrum all up in here.

Ready for this? Maple Pumpkin Slow Cooker Pork. MAPLE PUMPKIN SLOW COOKER PORK, y’all. OMG. It’s so good, I’m speaking Paula Deen Talk. Hellllp!

Ay-and…Pumpkin Slow Cooker Cake. It’s a thing. It’s a thing you might want to slide into your boca. Because if you like punkin, it’s hard to get much better (or easier!) than this.