Zombie Chili, Bayyybeee

I’ve got a dear friend holed away in NYC this week. Adore his heart, thinking of him and his loved ones, hoping he’s safe and home without incidence very soon.

Especially because he’s, like, one of the most awesome people I know. And he believes that a Zombie Apocalypse is nigh. That makes his awesomer, somehow. I love people who think outside the box. It makes me periodic hypochondria, wherein I diagnose myself via Google with Lou Gehrig’s and other such fatal illness, a totally normal phenom. Totally normal.

To celebrate this years (and my NYC pal’s) latest passion, Eldon and I whipped up some mad-scrump Zombie Cheeeleee on our latest HisXHers epi. You want this recipe. It be freaky fun.

Check out the Zombie Chili episode here.

Grab the recipe here.

Happy Halloweeeenie!