Get Your Thanksgiving on with HisXHers!

Okay. I made pie. It is vital to me that you understand the level of love this act involves. Love for you. Love for my people who pierce their forks into it’s tender crust. Love for my kitchen floor, which, after 82 hours of baking, emerged from the experience laden with flour and butter and other sundry litterings. Recipe arriving tomorrow.

But for today, it’s time to pimp out yo’ Thanksgiving table, and E and I have gotchya covered over at HisXHers! Check out our episode for Pimped Out Sweet Potatoes, From-Scratch Spicy Chorizo Stuffing, and a Pumpkin Mac and Cheese so good, it’ll paint your toenails with twinkly goodness. I’m not making that up. You should see my toenails.

You’re gonna need this recipe for Pumpkin Mac and Cheese with Pumpernickle Autumn Leaf Croutons. Yep. All of the above, in a single bowl, in 15-minutes or less.

Make your own Spicy Chorizo Stuffing and turn your Thanksgiving dinner into a schmexy-fexy gourmet feast!

Then hop on back over here tomorrow and get yourself a recipe for Pear Pie. With Brown Sugar Streusel. And Caramel Sauce. It’s happening in your life, people. Because you deserve it.