Meeting Mitchell Yellen

I once stumbled upon the theory of the Red String of Fate. It’s more of an ancient, east Asian belief, I suppose, but I rather like considering it within the context of my modern-day life. The theory goes like this: we all have red cords tied around our ankles by the gods. From time to time, they tug on these strings, and the people we are connected to move in or out of our lives, with near choreographed perfection. The swirl and swish of serendipity, moving us together, making us meet just the right people at just the right times.

It seems the gods pull my red strings often. There is an uncanny coincidence to the moments when I have gaping questions or needs, and out of seemingly nothing at all, there is that swish. The string. A tiny tug. And into my life moves exactly the soul I need. Such happened several weeks ago, while standing at my kitchen sink. I was doing dishes. Nothing unusual, and suddenly had this wild, irresistible nudging to call The Loft Music Venue and offer to volunteer. It seemed an odd thought. After all, being a newly single mother to four children, working myself to the bone to keep bills paid, tossing my exhausted body into bed at night…it didn’t seem like the right time to extend (which was most certainly becoming over-extending) myself a my schedule more than it already was.

Still.  Tug tug. The feeling was not to be ignored, and before long I was sitting in the office of The Loft Music Venue, making friends with owner Uriah and his darling assistant, the beautiful Miss Holly. Somewhere in the middle of our second meeting, Uriah mentions his new friend Mitch, and shares his awe for Mitch’s remarkable vision and leadership. Mitch is primarily responsible for the revitalization of a run-down area in Colorado Springs, which will shortly become home to a breathtaking new wedding and events facility. I was intrigued, ever grateful to learn about people who inspire with their positive movement toward growth and creation, and not even five minutes later, there’s the ring of a cell phone and Mitch has called Uriah. Five minutes later, Mitch invites me to join him for a meeting at his office. And the very next day, I’m sitting at a table, discussing SEO matters and online marketing ideas and it’s all a very strange and wonderful whirlwind. Mitch works with his whole heart, all the time, and I learned very quickly in that first meeting that he was a business mentor worth having.

But the real reason our red threads were pulled together came later that afternoon, when post-meeting, Mitch pulled me into his office. Here is was, this remarkably successful, sharp, beloved business man, and he’s taking time to talk to me. He motions toward a chair in his office and I sit down.

“You are going to be okay,” he says, ” you have so many gifts. Just look at you. You are going to be okay.”

His gentleness and grace was tangible. Throughout the afternoon, he’d learned my story. The one where I went from stay-at-home mom to sole provider and single parent to four babies in a matter of weeks. And his heart was instantly softened. Not in the way where he gave pity. But in the way where, somehow, he knew that what I needed more than anything was to be believed in. To be seen. To have hope in my own ability to rock every minute of this life.

In that moment, I watched Mitch settle into the essence of his belief about this world. He showed me how to stop life for a moment and see people. He showed me how to sit down and look someone in the eye and see into their soul. He showed me how to look for the spark in an otherwise dusty, rusty human heart.

The gods tugged those red strings, and I’ll be forever grateful to have them move a mentor into my life. One that isn’t just about money and business sense–although there is certainly a lot to learn from him on those topics–but as a teacher of the truth that time is for sharing, people are for loving, and life is for serving with all your heart.