Breakfast Pizza Party! A Holiday Party for Kids from 1 to 92

When it comes to Christmas, I always want to have something clever for the culdesac, for Christmas Eve morning, for Christmas breakfast, but I get all stopped up. The season becomes too busy. The time wears thin and I get caught in hustle and bustle and forget to be creative.

But not this year! Because, inspired by Flatout Flatbreads new Thin Crust Artisan Pizza (available in four scrumptious flavors at Walmart), the kids and I decided to plan a PJ Breakfast Pizza party. Such a blast! Instead of spending lonely prep time in the kitchen, I gathered the little people together and we popped together an entire spread of our fave breakfast toppings.

Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon bits, mushrooms, peppers, fresh dill, Italian cheese, salsa, Sriracha, and classic pizza sauce for the pickier eaters. Once our schpread was schpread, everyone grabbed a Flatout Flatbread and started building their breakfast creations.

My saucy teenager loved the Spicy Italian crust, with it’s speckled red peppers. My healthy little foodie asked for the Heritage Wheat crust and topped it with mushrooms and mini tomatoes. The picky chicken of our family nabbed a slice of the Rustic White crust, and piled it high with cheese and sausage. There was something for everybody, breakfast was just five minutes away, and my favorite part was how simple it was to bake several pizza’s at once on a single baking sheet, because of the long, thin shape of the pizza crusts. Brilly!

Pizzas came hot out of the oven in 6 minutes, and cooled enough to devour in less than 2 minutes. Holiday music was blasted from the stereo. The table adorned with favorite Christmas decor. In no time at all, we were out of the hustle and bustle of the season, and enjoying a festive family breakfast without a bit of muss or fuss.

If you’re looking for a fun holiday party that turns your mornings into Merry celebrations, nab yourself a few bags of Flatout Flatbreads Thin Crust Artisan Pizza Crusts and host a Holiday Breakfast Pizza Party! Truly fun for kids from 1 to 92!

This post sponsored by Flatout Flatbreads and The Motherhood. Products and compensation for our party were provided by the sponsoring companies, but all opinions in this post are mine. Now quit reading the nitty gritty and go get your Flatbread Pizza Party on!