Holiday Indulgences You Simply Must Have

With Christmas just around the corner and a slew of parties ready to be had, I popped back into the Cheeky Kitchen holiday archives to see if any of the recipes there are worthy of toting to a friend’s house this year. And stuck there, like a dusty old trunk in a forgotten attic, was this recipe for Egg Nog Tres Leches Cake. Girlfriendz, we need this for our Decembers. Also, you have been warned. The following post, with its unapologetic list of must-make holiday fare will also make us glad we have this for our Decembers.

Of course, when it comes to December, there are a trillion other things we need, like Blueberry Pie Wontons (just imagine serving those little suckers with a mug of hot buttered rum). And there are Chili Garlic Wings (which are the perfect color for this year’s decor trends. Wings to match the ornaments? Thankyouplease). And this purty lil’ tart filled with creamy, moussy chocolate. Just think of how your neighbors will adore you! Speaking of neighbors, I’ve been kicking around the idea of inviting our cul-de-sac of new next door friends over for a big holiday party this year. Since moving into my house this year, I’ve only met two neighbors, and there are ten of us who live on our own little street. It seems totally inappropriate not to try to make friends out of these people. So many possible new people to love, dontchya think? I’m thinking we’ll schedule a one-hour open house and invite everyone to bring a favorite holiday appie. Or should we keep it simple and do hot cocoa and cookies? Would love your input on how to manage the first gig with a roomful of people that don’t really know each other. How are you doing your holidays this year? Will parties be with co-workers or kids or family? Old friends or new? What decadent eats are you preparing for the people you love? As you put together your holiday party plans, it’s easy to overdo and overindulge on the eats leaving you with heartburn, acid indigestion, or even upset stomach. When this happens, di∙gel to the rescue! Keep a bottle of this all-in-one anti-gas, antacid in your medicine cabinet to keep your party guests perfectly pampered, rather than twisted into uncomfortable knots! And to suit those with busy livestyles, di∙gel even carries ‘On the Go’ products for your pocket or purse. di∙gel is available as:

  • Regular Strength Liquid (Freshmint) – Anti‐gas/antacid
  • Maximum Strength Liquid (Cherry) – Anti‐gas/antacid
  • Multi‐Symptom Chewable Tablets (Freshmint) –Anti-gas/antacid
  • Extra Strength Antacid Chewable Tablets (Mixed Berry) – Antacid
  • Extra Strength “On-the-go” Antacid Chewable Tablets (Mixed Berry) –Antacid

Now, get in on some holiday fun with di∙gel! Upload your favorite holiday recipe to Twitter or Instagram, tagging it with #undowithdigel. Because, after all, when you overdo this holiday season, you can undo with di∙gel. Praise the holidays!

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