The Ultimate Busy Morning Breakfast

There’s a new episode up over at HisXHers, and you’re not gonna wanna miss it! Because, I use Eldon’s ridiculously adorable kids to show you how simple (and filling!) breakfast can be when you make my favorite Ultimate Easy Brekkie Recipe. So easy, in fact, that the kids are making it.

And can we just talk for a moment about those kids? I mean, look at them? There’s not a prettier bunch of babies on this planet. I want to steal them regularly, which becomes an issue when child-stealing is a felony, and such. Thankfully, their fatha let’s me come visit sometimes, so all is well.

Click on over and catch our episode and recipe for The Ultimate Busy Morning Breakfast. Then go get a deliciously easy day on.

Wait! There’s more! Eldon is dishing on the hottest design trends to hit 2013 over at Babble! If you want to gorgify your casa, but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Click here, get in on the secrets, and use Eldon’s tried-and-true techniques for making your home pretty, kitty.

Whaaaat? You want me to prove it? Allrightee, then. Just look how cutsie my own house is coming along after I used Eldon’s idea for creating my own design board. Er mer gerd! I am not a design kinda a gal in any way, yet every room of my home is starting to come together in a happy, happy way…

Making something gloriously simple for dinner tonight. Hop on by tomorrow! This is one recipe you need in your life, stat!