1-Minute Microwave Creme Brulee

Ever get that hankering for something naughty? The food equivalent of a lacy set of matching bras and panties. (Which, BTW’s, we’re all wearing, right? Time to toss the ugly brar’s ladies, because you just feel so much better when you’re wearing a decent one with a set of coordinating underroos. Splurge on five sets. One for each weekday. Go purple. Get on red. It’s worth every penny.)

So, The Hankering happened to me last week. I’d been sitting at the kitchen table, humming away at work, when I suddenly realized I needed Creme Brulee and I needed it stat. It was likely a direct effect of my Valentine article writing. Something about Valentines just screams caramelized-sugar-over-custard. I know you agree.

I hit the fridge fast and discovered an utter lack of anything creme brulee-ey. There was a single egg (hooray, use-able). Two measly ounces of cream cheese (could it work? could it WORK?!) and I had a bottle of bourbon and bigarse bottle of maple syrup in the cupboard. I conjured a plan. Things were looking up. If just the right four ingredients were mixed in just the right four seconds…




60 seconds later, I had two mini Creme Brulee’s come out of my microwave. One for me. One to share.

Only, I didn’t share. Because they were mini, duh.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack, an easy and elegant Valentines day two-bite dessert, or some kinky combination of them both (it’s the purple undies, isn’t it? I told you to go purple!) then hop on over to Babble and nab my 1-Minute Microwave Creme Brulee recipe. You only have to share if you wanna.