Upcycled Kitchenware: Fancy Fruit Bowl

When you’re dating an Environmental Consultant, who reminds you after emptying every toilet paper roll that the little tube is a recyclable wonder, you tend to start seeing the world for it’s potential. Start looking around and noticing how many things you don’t need to buy new. This is a new perspective for me. Up until 18 months ago, I never once recycled, because I figured Jesus would likely come in my lifetime, so why bother with the tossing of junk when it was all going to be cleaned up by post-apocalyptic angels, anyway.

True story: after I fell on top of Steve the Boyfriends clothes hamper at a party (don’t ask. The story is much too juicy to share here), I insisted on buying him a new hamper. To which he replied, “no! I don’t want it filling up a landfill! I can fix the one I have!” and sure enough, he patched it together with duct tape and brilliance, inspiring me to consume less and reuse more.

I’d already begun doing that on my own (see the chairs in the photo up there? $3 and $4 Thrift Store finds with a coat of spray paint. Steve the Boyfriend says a coat of spraypaint for upcycling is still better for the environment than buying an all-new anything. I’m inclined to believe him, since spraypainted  chairs are significantly cuter than anything you can buy in stores.)

So, when I realized my kitchen was in desperate need of a Fruit Bowl, rather than hop in the car and head to a Big Box store, I scoured the Thrift Store during my bi-monthly chair hunt and found these two bowls for, like, $5 each.

One was a little larger, a little more saucer-esque than the other. I wasn’t crazy in love with the individual designs, but there was something kind of cute about them together. Something so totally Anthropologie. And good, sweet mother. Don’t get me started on Anthro.

I grabbed some Original Gorilla Glue, because it’s food safe…

And started the project off with another Thrift Store find…this gaudy green goblet.

A little glue around the rim (just a little, it dribbles if you get too crazy with it), a little glue around the base (you can use more here and wipe off the excess)…

Then a press to get it all into place…

And a heavy handful of beans sitting in the top bowl overnight.

And just like that (after a good handwashing with lavender-scented dishsoap), our fruit had a happy little two-tier home for their rindy little selves.

If you make this project, I’d LOVE to see a photo! Post a link below so we can come find you, oogle your fruit bowl, and pride ourselves in our mean upcycling skills. Steve the Boyfriend would be so proud.