Upcycled Kitchenware: Personalized Water Glasses

My sink often looks like a graveyard for plastic IKEA cups. The little people in my life grab a cup, fill with water, sip, and toss into the sink. Or leave on the table. Or tuck into the recesses of the fridge. Or scoop sand from the sandbox. We’re organized if we’re nothin’ around these parts. Totally organized.

Admission: We’re not. All the time.

But this week we are, because I gone done went and made each of the kids their own personalized water glasses. Made with dishwasher-safe glass paint, and glasses I bought for $0.59 each at the thrift store.

See? Organizedish.

If you wanna make yourself some personalized water glasses, you literally need just three basic things: recycled glasses with thick sides and a smooth surface, DecoArt Glass paint markers, and cute scrapbook letter stickers.

I found my markers at Hobby Lobby and they cost $3.99 each. Since I was being all picky-snicky about having multiple colors,  I spent about $12 in markers. If you’re looking to make this craft cheap, just nab a single color. You should have more than enough paint in each marker to create at least 4 glasses.

Step One: press your stickers onto the glasses.

Step Two: Trace around the stickers. You don’t want to use them as a stencil, more a guide for your marker. If you get too close to the stickers, the paint can seep under the sticker and you won’t get great clarity with the finished name.

Now freehand a line around the top and bottom of the name, and around the whole glass. Once these paint lines are on the glass, they’ll harden a bit and create a simple border which makes it easy to fill in the space between the lines. I just sort of scribbled tight lines between the letters and around the glass. You could get fancy and make little dots, or ever drain some of the paint out of the pen and use a paint brush to create an even layer of paint around your glasses.

My finished products looked like this. The color will darken slightly once baked, so don’t panic if the colors not quite as bold as you’d hoped.

Finalize all of your glasses and allow them to sit and dry for 4 hours in a warm, dry place.

Just before baking your glasses, peel the stickers carefully from each cup.

If the paint seeped under any of the stickers, or if the stickers get stubborn and stuck, use a Q-tip soaked in a bit of fingernail polish remover to tidy up any of the lines or sticky spots.

Now place each of your glasses on a baking sheet…

This is when you’ll be glad to have picked thicker-glassed glasses for your craft making…

Place the baking sheet with the glasses into cold oven, then shut the door and turn the oven to 375 degrees. Allow to bake for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, turn off the oven and open the oven door. Allow glasses to cool completely before removing from the oven.

Wash those glasses, then let your kids enjoy their daily water sips from a glass made just for them!

My kids came home from school today to find their glasses on the windowsill. The oldest said, “oh man! Now I can’t just leave cups around the house, because you’ll know it’s mine.”

Mwah ha ha haaa! My plans to actually get organized may be beginning to work!!!