Fluffy Paleo Chocolate Pancakes with Berry Bourbon Syrup

Something about Sunday mornings. The slow, bleary-eyed way you wake up without anything on the schedule. The laying in crisp sheets and listening to birds outside through the silence of your house. The smell of coffee rising up the stairs as it whirrs into morning motion in the pot. Sunday is yummy. It’s scrumptious. It’s divinely perfect, especially when it’s done right. Which is to say, when it’s done without hurry or rush. Toes settled under the covers, kids tucked around your pillows, books propped on lazy elbows.

And then…pancakes served once everyone shuffles into the kitchen. Pajamas not optional. They should be worn until at least noon..

That’s how Sunday morning should be done.

So let it be written.

When I was a kid, I remember my mom cooking up pancakes, drenching them in Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, and me walking to school nauseous. So much sugar. I loved delving into a stack of flapjacks, but the post-meal blues would hit my veins, and I’d just feel…sick.

With that history, I was surprised a few months ago when my daughter mentioned sugar making her feel sick in the morning.  (Don’t ask me why I was surprised, I’m slow like that). We rarely indulge in supremely naughty food, but I’d purchased a ninety-two pack of glazed donuts, and she’d downed a few with milk, only to get the morning sugar blahs.

Moral of the Story: Steer clear of the Bakers Four Dozen of glazed donuts.

Moral of the Year: Steer clear of sugar in the morning. (Not to mention forever, but that’s for another post)

Discovery of the Year: You can have your pancakes and eat them, too.

Whether you’re going paleo, eating gluten-free, or just looking for a healthier way to kick your munching into high gear, this fun recipe for Chocolate Pancakes is way too good to miss. It’s naturally sweetened (thank you, bananas) so feels rather decadent, but your body post-eatage, just feels happy and nice and ready to slide back into bed. Because, it’s Sunday, duh.

Time to slow down, breath, savor, and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. XO.


Fluffy Paleo Chocolate Pancakes with Berry Bourbon Syrup


For the Pancakes:
2 very ripe bananas
3 eggs
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
pinch sea salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

For the Syrup:
1 1/2 cups frozen triple-berry mix
1/4 cup raw honey
1 tablespoon bourbon or seeds from one vanilla bean


For the Pancakes:
Place all ingredients into a blender. Blend just until pureed. Pour on a medium-hot griddle greased with coconut oil. Flip your pancakes to the second side when the centers start to puff up and the edges begin to brown slightly. Serve with berry syrup.

For the Syrup:
Place all ingredients in a small pot and cook just until warm. Serve over pancakes. Sprinkle with a smidgen of powdered sugar if you feel like a pretty little cheat.

14 Responses to “Fluffy Paleo Chocolate Pancakes with Berry Bourbon Syrup”

  1. These look great and I’m sure no one missed the sugar!

  2. Lisset says:

    MARRY ME?! Oh mama, I’m gonna make these up right quick.

  3. SIOBHAN says:

    What a lovely, healthy, simple recipe. Delicious for a Lazy Sunday morning. Not sure if I could convince the hubby and little one to give up their full Irish brekkie though.

  4. anna says:

    oo these look yummy! love the replacement of flour with cocoa powder…brilliant!

  5. Aubrey says:

    Yes please!! These look absolutely delicious!!

  6. Pancake Lover says:

    So delicious! I made them today, but I whipped all my egg whites and folded them in, just to make them extra fluffy.

  7. Jamika says:

    Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

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  9. Lynn says:

    A lot of us still go to church on Sunday mornings. It’s a bit discouraging that this thought never seems to have crossed this mother’s mind. I’d say it’s primarily the fault of the Church itself. ;-(

  10. I have “always” been slender, 5’9 never weighed more than 125-130, in no way owned scales and while I don’t consume
    huge portions and I’m pretty picky, I never constantly eat the healthiest. i.e. Cereal for evening meal. I used to be blessed with some very excellent genetics and have Never ever been on the diet regime. I started talking 25 mg of Zoloft for Peri-menopause and also as a result of a lot of changes in my existence within six months (moved, married, job adjust, sold my home, purchased another house, daughter marrying, son graduating) Most likely a wonder it had been connected intravenously..Even so I have usually been really active my entire life either operating, biking and so on…to ensure that was my drug of selection (endorphin’s) I
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    all stayed slim even via the Menopause. So now after i get upset or moody,
    I put my operating shoes on and hit the asphalt.

  11. L says:

    We went to church on Sun mornings growing up….still had pancakes in the morning. We just got up earlier.

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