Sunday Morning Music and Coffee




I was recently asked by Folgers to create a post about coffee and music. And, whoo-eee. That’s an easy one. Because, you already know how entirely I adore Sunday mornings. But what you don’t know is how Steve and I rustle the kids awake every Sunday, then stand in the kitchen and have this conversation, Steve standing counterside with a coffee in his right hand, me standing at the fridge, pulling Paleo eats out for breakfast…

“Okay, what do we feel like today?” (I shuffle around in for some eggs and toss a bit of bacon on the counter.

“How about….umm….Gospel music? Jazz?” (Steve rolls the words around and considers them momentarily.)

“Reggae? What about reggae? Reggae is always so nice for Sunday mornings…” (I close my eyes and sway to the blissful beat in my head, shaking fake dreadlocks smoothly back and forth).



“Let’s try slow jazz today. That seems right.” (Steve sucks down the last of his coffee, then tosses a dishrag over his shoulder and playfully kisses me).

“I’m gonna dry these dishes. You want a cup of coffee while you make those eggs?

“Oh, thank you! Yes I do! Sugar. No cream. You know, the way you always make it.” (He really does make a perfect cup).

We switch on the selected soundtrack and Sunday morning begins slowly, perfectly, with just the right rhythm. A cup of Folgers to wake us up, and a bit of jazz to get us movin’.

The kids slowly make their way downstairs. They seem to tip toe to the beat, I’m certain there’s head nodding as the youngest slides sleepily into a chair at the kitchen table. These days. They’re divine. I like that my kids wake up to a groovy, peaceful home. Tunes humming from speakers. Mom prepping paleo eats. Steve sipping.

I like that, for one morning a week, we slow down the hustle and hubbub of life and sway together to a soundtrack that feels right. Something that ties us together harmoniously for a single, blissful breakfast.

Sunday morning, baby. Life is delicious.



We’re not the only ones who adore coffee and music as the dreamiest of combinations!

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Once you’ve delved into the fun of choosing a Folgers Jingle Contest winner, head into the kitchen, grab a cup of coffee, and get your Sunday morning on.

Because, yum. You deserve a day where you simply….sway.