Three Crazy Simple 3-Ingredient Dinners

Life is so good. The weather is warm. The weekend felt luxuriously long. Today, a midafternoon rainstorm poured down all tropical like for nearly an hour.  I sat with the window open, that sweet smell of clean water and wet dirt seeping into the windowsills. Lily Allen hummed in the background about all sorts of worthwhile things. The kitchen sink was almost clean. Dinner ideas sat scrawled on scrap paper. Everything just felt suspended in aliveness and I wished I could hold it, but recognized immediately the absurdity of such an idea. For, it’s only in the fleetingness of this perfection that it can be so utterly, and blessedly enjoyed.

I’ve really been trying to simplify things lately. I find I enjoy things so much more when I’m not rushing, rushing, rushing. Which is not to say I’ve yet figure out how to stop rushing so much, but more that I’m at least attempting to wipe a few of the must-do flair’s from my list, and settling (quite contentedly) instead for more of less.

Whatever side of rush hour you’re on these days–whether slowing down, or constantly on the run–I betchya twenty bucks you keep running out of dinner ideas. So, start tuning into Real Cheeky over at Babble! I just posted three all-new 3-Ingredient dinner ideas on over there, with more to come in just a few days!

You can nab two new chicken recipes, and this gorgeous salmon recipe. Look for lots of paleo, vegan, and gluten-free dinners in the coming months. Because, duh. What’s three ingredients, if they aren’t three realllly good ones?!

Head RIGHT ON OVER HERE to nab three all-new, 3-Ingredient dinners. Stuff you’ll actually make.  Stuff you’ll totally love.

Isn’t life good?