Your Friends Know Best: How to Make a Wall of Wisdom

I once taught a Sunday afternoon class for grown-ups that was known for its droll curriculum. The lessons were laid out just-so. The students filed in with blank looks, opened books and attempted to keep eyes open. It wasn’t awesome. So, I fell back on a little belief I have: that we’re all just kids in grown-up bodies.

We all want a little bit of delight in the middle of our daily grind. Within two weeks of adding child-like surprises–baskets full of treats, music in the middle, invitations to stand and jump and shake their neighbors’ hand–the class attendees starting showing up with smiles on their faces. They couldn’t wait to see what we were going to do next. Boredom was kicked by curiosity, and the inner wonderment of their inner childness started to shine forth.

I’ve never forgotten that lesson. It stuck, somehow, and I find myself often wondering how I can turn the everydayboring into the everydayawesome. Upon moving to my new digs in SLC (photos coming soon! I want you to see how fun this place is!) my darling landlords thumbsed-up the painting of a wall in the dining room–from meh brown to chalkboard.

My Alyssie and I used two cans of paint, a tin full of brushes and edgers, and within a matter of minutes, had ourselves a giant-sized wall of happiness.

Now, when visitors stop by, we hand them a smidgen of chalk and invite them to leave a little wisdom on our wall. It’s been remarkable to watch friends who have stopped by and settled into the niceties of dinner conversation, turn into sages offering advice for a lifetime.

Handing grown-ups chalk seems to bring out their giddy inner kid, and their age-old wise man. The sayings writ on our wall have ranged from favorite quotes from famous people to personal truths gleaned from a lifetime of experience and struggle and unbridled optimism.

Looking for a way to turn your dining room into a butterfly net of magical wonderment? Chalkboard paint it up, hand a stick of chalk to your next dinner guest, and let the little kid in them teach you something delightful. It works every time.



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