Sneaky Snack Skewers

2014-06 GG Lunchbox3TXT



I’m running out the door, even as I type this post.

That’s life nowadays, always on the run. To work, to school, to bike in the woods with ma boyfriend.

I suppose I’ve gotten to the point of realizing I’ll never get it all done, but sneaking in a few shortcuts allows me to get more done. I can somehow manage a wild fight for balance between being the mom that makes food that matters, and the woman that gets out for a long workout from time to time.


GG SnackHead


Quick grab snacks, like Green Giant Veggie Puffs are a total face-saver for me. I can pour a bunch in a bowl, or skewer them onto a thread with favorite snacks and suddenly my kids think they have that Pinterest mom that thinks every meal should be a party. When really they just have a plain, old mom trying her best to make the most out of her days.

Not a bad thing, when you sneak your foibles past your kids. Especially divine when you sneak a few veggies in there, too.

2014-06 GG LunchboxHDRSM

Make. Snack. Run.  Life is grand, even when it’s fast.

Grab a coupon for these Green Giant Veggie Puffs here, and save a bit of cash while you’re at it.


Sneaky Snack Skewers


4 cubes white cheddar
1 cup Green Giant Baked Veggie Puffs, cheddar
4 green olives
4 cubes salami
4 tomatoes
4 mini pickles


Thread four skewers with each of the ingredients, putting 4-6 Green Giant Veggie Puffs on each skewer. Serve and enjoy!