Crazy, Easy DIY Spicy Street Tacos

2014-08 Korean Tacos3SM

Wanna trick everyone in your life to eat cabbage? You know it’s a latent life hope.

I once sat my whole fam down for an authentic cabbage roll recipe. It was a German family favorite. Or Greek. Or wherever they serve cabbage rolls stuffed with beef. It seemed like a pretty divine idea to me. The kids thought it seemed less like dinner and more like something to stab sullenly. I turned away from cabbage after that. Since coleslaw had long ago been declared inedible by the fam, cabbage rolls were our final option. I haven’t bought a head of cabbage since 1999.

Until I figured out this recipe here. Welcome to 2014. We’re all healthy up in here. (Do people even say that sentence anymore?)

This recipe is one of *those recipes* you wish for nightly. Fast. Fresh. Healthy. Fun. Yummy. Cheap.

It’s like getting gourmet take-out for dinner. Only, in  minutes. Sans the post-meal bloat.

  • Easy to feed a crowd
  • Budget happy
  • Ahead-prep possible
  • Takes 7 minutes to make
  • Fancy enough for guests
  • Picky kid & teen approved
  • Delicious enough
  • No recipe deciphering required
  • 5 Ingredients!

Here’s how it works:  Cabbage becomes a no-carb taco-shell swap in. Filled with the easiest 3-ingredient beef tossed in Sriracha that my teen-tester called “I can’t stop standing here and smelling this, when can I eat it?”

Once we top it all with a quick cucumber-cilantro salsa, boi. That’s when.

Oh, and after I sneak a kiss because my dinner-prep stress is totally zero, and I actually have time to sit, eat, breathe, and enjoy family dinner without the 1950’s casserole runaround.

Smooch. Eat. Enjoy.

2014-08 Korean Tacos1SM


Crazy Easy, DIY Spicy Street Tacos


1 pound Thousand-Garlic Beef
2 tablespoons sriracha
1/4 cup each diced cucumnbers, green onions, cilantro
8 cabbage leaves


1. Toss beef into sriracha.
2. Toss cukes, onions, cilantro together.
3. Serve beef and veggies in cabbage leaves.
4. Smooch your clever self.

*paleo eaters can swap out the Sriracha and toss in some fresh jalapenos and tomatoes.