The Fastest Healthy Chocolate Pudding on the Web

2014-08 Chia Chocolate PuddingSM


A podcast I was listening to last week was dedicated to Reminding American Women Why They Really Wish They Were Scandinavian Socialists. Is it just me, or are there a lot of these articles-podcasts-studies happening? And who else wants to charter a cruise ship to Denmark, stat?

If I ever refind the exact epi, I promise to post. But there’s a podcast-pudding connection that’s more important that proper sourcing.

Here it is: Some featured expert in said podcast said gender equality started to shift overseas with the advent of two things. One, was socializing elderly care and child care. The other was the advent of frozen foods.

When these two things happened, women were free of traditional womenchores. They were no longer tied to 24-hour menumaking and babywiping. They were now free to livestream Soaps from cupcake shoppes, visit sauerkraut buffets,  and interview for management positions with IKEA. Brilliance.

Hearing this inspired serious epiphany.

I realized, it was time I went all Scandinavian on my own ass.

I realized the only person still holding my actions to an age-old idea of the Guilt-Ridden 1950’s WomanMother With PinCurls & Pinterest Party Skills…was me.

It was time to let go a bit. Time to let convenience trump showgirl. Time to let easy in.

Consumerism has a lot of downfalls. Capitalism is seriously missing equality for all.

But, there are a few benefits about this world we live in. And one of those is…food can be so easy.

Why are we making it hard?

I’ve found myself getting so overwhelmed with all I have to do, that I melt into my Facebook feed and do nothing at all.

I’ve looked at lists of a dozen ingredients, and decided instead to take the kids out to dinner.

I’ve bought a candy bar, just because it tastes a shit ton better than the expensive-ass raw chocolate that makes me choke.

Slowly, steadily, inspired by those pretty Scandinavians, I’ve started doing simple. I buy more premade. I try to make my real life be my ideal life.

This recipe helps.

Two ingredients. 21 seconds. Pure. Healthy. Perfect. So I have more time (and more energy) to do the stuff I really wanna do.

Seriously so Scandinavian, it’s practically Ligonberry jam.

2014-08 Chia Chocolate Pudding2SM


Easy, Healthy Chia Chocolate Pudding


1 cup dark chocolate coconut water
1/4 cup chia seeds
stevia (optional)


1. In a bowl mix coconut water & chia
2. Wait 21 minutes.
3. Sweeten with stevia if you please.

NOTE: Feel free to swap in chocolate coconut, almond, hemp, or rice milk.
FLAVOR BOOST: Stir in 1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder.