The Single Most Successful Tool to Kickstart
a Better, More Creative Food Blog in 2017.

(And pssst!...It's FREE)

It all started when...

I realized I needed to restart my own blog. And that was a problem. Because I feared I'd lost my passion.

Though my daily schedule was full of food photography work for clients, every time I sat down to create a recipe for my own site, I'd stare at the blank page, paralyzed with toomanyideas and nospecificplacetostart. It was maddening. 

Maybe I just wasn't a good food blogger.

But I started to pay attention to my creative output. And there, I found a pattern.

When creating recipes for clients, they always came to me with an idea. I had a starting point. A base on which I could build. And when there were boundaries, creativity would abound. But sit down to a blank page, and...nothing.

And you know what they say: you start with nothin', you end up with nothin'.

(They don't really say that. But when it comes to creativity: it's 1000% true.)

I realized, I needed to give myself limits. So...


Rather than letting my blog suffer beneath a wild work schedule, rather than letting my creativity rot beneath a rollercoaster of rando whims, I decided it was time to give myself...limits. 

Daily prompts designed to kickstart daily creativity.

So I sat down and started researching.  If I was going to treat myself like a client, I would need a schedule of seasonally-appropriate, on-trend ideas. Organized and easy-to-follow. 

And, if I was going to do it right, I might as well do it realllllly right. So all of these idea-starters shouldn't just be on-season and on-trend. They should be ready for my blog 1 month before holidays and hot topics hit. Pushing my new content live just in time for it to ride the wave of popularity straight to virality. 

It took hours of researching, organizing, trend-watching, idea-hunting, recipe reading, concept formulating and pulling-it-all-together-ing. For days (and more than a few midnights) I sat at my kitchen table, fueled by pots of coffee spiked with heavy cream, hair wild like Einstein (this happens when you get realllly into doing a project right, and refuse to shower or sleep until the wave of creative insanity is ridden all the way to the ebook store)...


But keeping it all for myself wasn't enough.

For creativity to bloom, it needs boundaries...

For goals to happen, you need accountability...

For accountability to happen, you need people...

And so, I decided it was only right to share this calendar with my people. (That's you.)

If you're here and reading this, I'm hoping it's because you've been wanting to build a better blog. And you just don't know how to do it all, organize it all, drive traffic, become the kind of blogger that companies want to hire, make money, make magic, make waves.

The answer: start here. Join me for the #365Recipes project.

I've created the calendar, it's already done. All you have to do is...

Download It For Free

And start following it (of course!).

That's it! You don't have to create a 2017 editorial calendar. I've already done it for you.

All you have to do is download and follow along. Once you've created a recipe based on the #365Recipes prompts, upload to social and share. The hashtag makes it easy for others to find you, and it makes it easy for you to find others in our creative community. Follow along and see just what happens when we all start from one simple, daily recipe prompt. 

It's fun and it's about to make your food blog life better than ever. 

But that's not all! I've also created a collaborative group where you can work with other food bloggers, food photographers and recipe developers. The Facebook group is free to join. Click here, we'd love to have you.


The FREE downloaded #365Recipes ebook is a fully printable, e-reader friendly PDF. Enter your info below and I'll send you the 20-page ebook which includes:

  • 365 recipe prompts, one for each day of 2017
  • 12 full page monthly printable calendars
  • Tips & tricks for making the most of these 365 recipe prompts
  • #365Recipes social info to get you connected to our community


You and me, baby. This is our year. 

And the FREE #365Recipes calendar is the simplest and most effective way to start.

It will kickstart on-trend inspo, breathe passion back into your daily routine and get you connected with a lively, energetic community of creatives just like you.

Promise. Since using recipe prompts to rebuild my own website, I've seen a dramatic increase in traffic, followers, social shout-outs by huge food brands...and most importantly, I've felt alive with ideas and excitement about the things I'm creating here. 

Reclaim your creativity. Get your blog rocking. Submit the form below and I'll send #365Recipes straight your way.

So excited to connect with you. Can't wait to see how the #365Recipes prompts gets you cookin'! Come say hi @cheekykitchen and #365Recipes!