Cheater Chow Mein

2014-09 Chicken Chow Mein2cHEADER


I made this recipe a few weeks ago, and it was one of those dinners that found four kids standing over my shoulder.

“Mom! When’s it gonna be done?!”

“Mom! That smells so good!”

“Mom! What is it? That looks amazing!”

Let me here now confirm to you that this never happens in my home. Despite the fact that I am a certified foodie for everyone from Disney to Good Cook, YourTango to Yuri Elkaim, I was still gifted with the sort of children that believe Kraft Mac & Cheese is an ideal breakfast, and ramen is an ideal dinner.

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2014-09 Chicken Shishkabob3HEADER1

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken and Potato Skewers

  In my eternal search for Easy, Healthy Dinners You’ll Actually Make & Eat, I happened across this precious little peach. Bacon-wrapped anything is divine, but bacon-wrapping ingredients everyone already loves is even...

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2014-09 Pumpkin Maple Banana Whip3HEADER

Pumpkin Spice Latte Banana Whip

  It rained all weekend. Having come down with a case of the somethings, I holed myself away for days. Lying lazily on The Boyfriend’s couch and sipping miso...

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Blackberry Martini5HEADERRR

Blackberry Honey-Ginger Martini

I promised to share these yesterday, but the sun set too soon. All that glorious natural light was lost until this morning. When, at exactly 11 a.m. MST, I...

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2014-09 Blackberry Chicken5HEADER

Blackberry Bleeping Chicken

In any kitchen, it seems there are two hanging participles. Unanswered questions. Undiscovered territories. (The Boyfriend sometimes edits my posts, so I’m stretching his grammar know-how here). What can...

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2014-10 The Perfect Steak2

This Is the Best Steak You Will Ever Make

The Boyfriend and I have gone bulletproof this month. We start our mornings with Bulletproof Coffee (I do decaf to keep adrenal fatigue at bay), and we’ve simplified our...

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2014-09 Maca Smoothie2HEADERSM

The Smoothie Recipe That Healed My Adrenal Fatigue

I was packing my kids up for a trip to the park last month when I realized…something was wrong. Work was finished for the day. The house was clean....

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2014-09 Cookie Dough Bars2HEADER

Make-Your-Own Cookie Dough Larabars

  This August, I made a revolutionary decision: to stop making breakfast and lunch for my kids. Attempting to balance the ever-growing list of Impossibles–cook, clean, work, volunteer, exercise,...

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2014-09 Salad Smoothie2HEADER

Savory Smoothie Bowl

I’m still having a love affair over Smoothie Bowls. They’re such a simple way to spoon an entire meal. Soup like, you know, but none of the cooking time. Traditionally...

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