Stupid Easy Zucchini Caprese


2014-08 Zucchini CapreseHEADERSM

I moved to a new house last month.  I got a new boyfriend last year. It’s high time the blog starts reflecting real life.

So, it’s gonna.

Cleaner. Quicker. Everything you really oughtta eat. Impossibly easy, no-nonsense nutrition sprinkled with secret secrets, storytelling, and real stuff.

Because, after 6 years of food blogging (or is that seven?) I’m like soooo over rainbow cakes and cupcakes and feeling fat. I’m soo over spending hours in the kitchen. I’m so over ingredient lists as long as a human femur. I mean, who actually writes a shopping list anymore? (Dear Organized Shopping List Writers, zip it. You put shame in my face.)

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Easy Squeezy! Lunch In A Mason Jar

  Bursting With Life I have my moments. Somewhere in the middle of rushing too quickly, mad mommy guilt, and the occasional swear slip, I figure it out. I...

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2014-05 Liberte Caramel6SM

Quick Caramel Creme Brulee (Takes just 30-Seconds!)

  My motivation in the kitchen has gone from “what can I do with 2 sticks of butter in two hours” to “What can I do in 2 minutes...

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2014-05 Liberte CapuccinoHeader5SM

2-Minute Tiramisu with Creamy Cappuccino Liberte

  I’ve been a fan of Liberte Yogurt forever, but this latest revelation just positively undoes me. Cappuccino Liberte. Who needs to wake up to a coffee and yogurt...

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This Entire Outdoor Party Will Take You Just 60 Minutes to Decorate, Prep, and Enjoy!

Had a birthday last week and Boyfriend Hukee had planned a dreamy day, ending with a crew of friends meeting up somewheres for dinner. I sulked a bit. Restaurants are nice...

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My Kitchen Needs Nate Contest {and} Designing Your Signature Kitchen with LG Studio

See that photo up there? That’s a sneak peek into my kitchen. A quaint, white space with peeling cupboard coating and the occasional dish or nine in the sink....

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2014-06 GG LunchboxHDRSM

Sneaky Snack Skewers

    I’m running out the door, even as I type this post. That’s life nowadays, always on the run. To work, to school, to bike in the woods...

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2014-04 McCormick4SM

A Love Letter to The Woman Who Started My Food Blog

  I’m not a very sentimental person. I don’t collect trinkets and rarely bring home souvenirs. Things have no place in my life. I see them as collectors of...

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Sneaky Green Superfood Smoothie

Leprechauns aren’t the only ones being sneaky this time of year! Smart mamas and savvy eaters can sneak a few fun veggies into their meals and make a St....

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