Skinny Jeans Cereal

2014-08 Walnut Cereal5SM


Here’s the thing. I could eat Cocoa Pebbles like they’re crack. They are definitely the gateway drug to Cookie Crunch. And super definitely the gateway to Cookie Butt. Don’t ask me how I know.

So, when I swapped my life to paleo primal Cavegirl eatage, I made a firm pinky swear that cereal would be avoided hithertofore. Or whatever the right legalese for those sorts of swears happens to be.

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2014-08 Zucchini CapreseHEADERSM

Crazy Easy Zucchini Caprese

  I moved to a new house last month.  I got a new boyfriend last year. It’s high time the blog starts reflecting real life. So, it’s gonna. Cleaner....

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Easy Squeezy! Lunch In A Mason Jar

  Bursting With Life I have my moments. Somewhere in the middle of rushing too quickly, mad mommy guilt, and the occasional swear slip, I figure it out. I...

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2014-05 Liberte Caramel6SM

Quick Caramel Creme Brulee (Takes just 30-Seconds!)

  My motivation in the kitchen has gone from “what can I do with 2 sticks of butter in two hours” to “What can I do in 2 minutes...

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2014-05 Liberte CapuccinoHeader5SM

2-Minute Tiramisu with Creamy Cappuccino Liberte

  I’ve been a fan of Liberte Yogurt forever, but this latest revelation just positively undoes me. Cappuccino Liberte. Who needs to wake up to a coffee and yogurt...

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This Entire Outdoor Party Will Take You Just 60 Minutes to Decorate, Prep, and Enjoy!

Had a birthday last week and Boyfriend Hukee had planned a dreamy day, ending with a crew of friends meeting up somewheres for dinner. I sulked a bit. Restaurants are nice...

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My Kitchen Needs Nate Contest {and} Designing Your Signature Kitchen with LG Studio

See that photo up there? That’s a sneak peek into my kitchen. A quaint, white space with peeling cupboard coating and the occasional dish or nine in the sink....

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2014-06 GG LunchboxHDRSM

Sneaky Snack Skewers

    I’m running out the door, even as I type this post. That’s life nowadays, always on the run. To work, to school, to bike in the woods...

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2014-04 McCormick4SM

A Love Letter to The Woman Who Started My Food Blog

  I’m not a very sentimental person. I don’t collect trinkets and rarely bring home souvenirs. Things have no place in my life. I see them as collectors of...

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