Sushi-In-A-Snap Wraps

2014-08 Nori Wraps3Sm

Looking for a raw-food lunch that really, really good?

These easy little Sushi Wraps are utterly yumtown. Inspired by my sister, who one day said “I can’t stop eating nori-wrapped avocado slices”.  To which I responded with a mad dash to the store, the purchase of nori and avocado with mango to boot. And a can’t-stop craving of my own.

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inbox zenHEADERSM

Detox Your Inbox. Find Peace. Here’s How.

For the last five years, my gmail inbox has been filling up.  At first, deleting emails was just boring. So I didn’t do it. I just wanted to read...

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BLOG- Sex Coffee1a

Sex Coffee

My friend, Susie once told me her husband would climb under the bedcovers excitedly at night. “I get coffee in the morning,” he’d say. Utter delight. A few years later,...

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2014-08 Chia Chocolate Pudding2SM

The Fastest Healthy Chocolate Pudding on the Web

  A podcast I was listening to last week was dedicated to Reminding American Women Why They Really Wish They Were Scandinavian Socialists. Is it just me, or are...

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Rainbow Pancakes SM

Pretty Rainbow Pancakes. All Natural. No Food Dye.

Sometimes I make things. Last week, I made these. Rainbow Pancakes. Gluten-free. All natural. Rainbow. Usually, rainbow foods take 57 bowls. For this recipe, two bowls is all you...

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2014-08 Korean Tacos3SM

Crazy, Easy DIY Spicy Street Tacos

Wanna trick everyone in your life to eat cabbage? You know it’s a latent life hope. I once sat my whole fam down for an authentic cabbage roll recipe....

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2014-08 1000 Garlic BeefSM

3-Ingredient Thousand Garlic Steak (in the Slow Cooker)

    Around our house, we call this recipe “Thousand Garlic Beef.” Isn’t that the most alluring name ever? It’s like a your average cut of roast went and got itself...

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2014-08 Walnut Cereal5SM

Skinny Jeans Cereal

  Here’s the thing. I could eat Cocoa Pebbles like they’re crack. They are definitely the gateway drug to Cookie Crunch. And super definitely the gateway to Cookie Butt....

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2014-08 Zucchini CapreseHEADERSM

Crazy Easy Zucchini Caprese

  I moved to a new house last month.  I got a new boyfriend last year. It’s high time the blog starts reflecting real life. So, it’s gonna. Cleaner....

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