Big, Chewy Paleo Oatmeal Cookies

2014-10 Oatmeal 1SM

My mother called the other week and said she’d been craving oatmeal cookies for breakfast. Now I know who to blame when I wake up and wanna motorboat chocolate chips before my eyes have half-snapped open. Thanks, Mama.

One of the benefits of having a kid with a blog, I suppose, is that you can call and ask for a custom-created recipe, as per your cravings.

“I just want a cookie with my coffee in the morning. Can you make that?” le mother asked.

And I was all, like, “OMG. I want that, too. So, yes.”

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Silver Dollar Pumpkin Bacon Waffles (Paleo! Gluten-Free!)

I’m all sorts of cowing out today. Because, these waffles. But also, because the secret behind the waffles. You guys. I feel like I’ve stumbled onto a pirate ship...

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2014-10 BLAT Chicken Lettuce Wrap6 SM

No Cook Dinner: B.L.A.T Chicken Lettuce Wraps

You know those giant vats of precooked, canned chicken breast you can buy from Costco? I buy them all the time. The problem? I never know what to do...

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2014-10 Yam Havarti1HEADERSM

Simple Sweet Potato Havarti Soup (Just 3-Ingredients!)

I was listening to The Tim Ferriss Podcast this morning. Talking to a Tracy DiNunizo, Tradesy entepeneur extraordinaire, I had the thought, “gawd. I want success like hers.” She was...

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2014-10 ChocChip1HEADERLG

Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie? For me, it’s long been a cookie that’s buttery and golden-crisp around the edges. A little chewy give in the center. And...

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2014-10 Microwave Pumpkin PIe1SM TEXT

Microwave Paleo Pumpkin Mug Pie

Pumpkin season is here. Hoorayyyyyyy. I know pumpkin can be a polarizing. Either eaters love it or hate it. I stand proudly on the side of pumpkin love. Like,...

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2014-10 Sprinkle Pumpkin5HEADER

How to Decorate a Pumpkin without Making a Mess

My youngest ran home from school the other day, thrilled to announce that the neighborhood greenhouse had put pumpkins out for sale. “Where’s my cash?!” He’s been saving money...

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2014-10 Bulletproof PSL1a

Bulletproof Pumpkin Spice Latte

I’m an absolute sucker for cult-fad diets. I’ve survived 10-days on the Master Cleanse, sucking down nothing but cayenne lemonade and maple syrup. I’ve done Juice Fasts and taken Smoothie...

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Survey Results- What You Really Want from a Food Blog

  A few weeks back, I sent out a survey to newsletter subscribers. After more than 6 years of blogging, I wanted to hear from you. Not just in...

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