Hey there, I’m Brooke Lark.

I started this blog in 2009 as a married, stay-at-home Mormon mom to four. A lover of cupcakes. A believer of butter. A soft bodied sweets-lover and hopeful romantic.

And then, everything changed. In 2011, I resigned from Mormonism. This decision was no small whim. I knew it would change everything–my social circle, my political views, my parenting style.

I’d never have guessed how entirely it would change the course of my life. In big ways. In good ways.

In 2012, I started working full-time as a pro food photogapher, food stylist, recipe developer, and food writer. Mid-2012, my then husband asked for a divorce, I became vegan then turned paleo, lost 25-pounds, and published a cookbook (or two).

In 2013, I  moved to the center of Salt Lake City, fell madly in love with the place, got a tattoo, and supported my son when he came out as openly gay.

This site, like my life, has seen a lot of changes. I don’t think that’s crazy. I think that’s amazing.

I’m a growth junkie, a risk-taker, a seeker of truth, a tryer-onner. I don’t want a life that’s safe and same. I desire a life that’s lived, tasted, felt, and remembered. You’ll find this philosophy behind a lot of the recipes I create on this site–Pinterest worthy living, in under 5 minutes. Gorgeous everything made quick, it’s totally a thing.


Currently working freelance with remarkable companies like Tablespoon, Disney’s Babble, and the cutting-edge nutritionist Yuri Elkaim, I am passionate about creating breathtaking photos and recipes, with a focus on primal, whole foods made fast.

Tune in weekly for original recipes, real-world insights, and some of the best ideas (and prettiest) on the web.

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Welcome to Cheeky Kitchen, I’m so delighted you’re here.