Hey there, I’m Brooke Lark.

Once upon a time I started blogging as Conversations with a Cupcake. It seemed like a good idea then. Catchy and full of personality. Just the thing a girl needed to stand out in 2007. Before long, I learned about branding and dot com’s, and realized a 25+ letter name was damn hard to type into google. So I upgraded to Tongue-N-Cheeky. Which wasn’t a cent better.

Before long, I was posting baking recipes by the dozen under the name Cheeky Kitchen. I started pro blogging for the likes of Disney and General Mills, but found myself disenfranchised with food and frustrated with the world of recipe blogging. After all, I was tossing four casseroles a week, putting on two pounds a month, and generally feeling disheveled about my kitchen. Something needed to change. So I stopped doing what the internet was begging for, and started eating the way my body (and life) was begging for. Pure. Simple. Real. Food. 


The change came at first in the form of veganism. My readers will remember a week of earnest diet searching which quickly became a month, then a year. A random encounter with one Thor Rasmussen led me, almost overnight, to paleo-foodism. And a 25-pound weight drop.

I started to realize that the reason I love food wasn’t because I could cook it. I loved food because I could play with it. There was a scientific experiment to be had in my system.  I could cut gluten and watch bloating disappear. Eat only eggs and see how energy boosted. Nix sugar and watch cravings flow then ebb then dissipate forever. 

As good as I’ve always been with conjuring recipes, what I’ve really been good at is conjuring eating plans. Taking the complexities of diet and eating type and simmering them down to simple, doable plans. 

And so, Cheeky Kitchen has become just that. A place where simple, real-food recipes can be found. But more than that, a place where simple real food Eating Plans can be printed off, ready to follow.

Whether you’re looking to try on veganism or paleo, looking for an easy juice detox or green smoothie cleanse. Or if you want to try a trendy diet for a week say The Cabbage Soup Cleanse or Master Cleanse (I’ve tried both. Love the results, hated the aftermath of cravings) you’ll find a quick-printable plan for every eating type here. Look around, have at it, print away. This is the place where real food becomes real. No more bizzaro, impossible-to-follow eating guidelines. Just 3, 5, and 7-day eating plans you really have time to try on. That what we call cheeky kitchening, babes. Welcome.


This website is a family-run venture. The Bae, Yordan, is on logo design. Photos and video by my brilliant, teenaged son Andrew. Becca runs social. And, the twins just run wild. We all love it when you say hi. Hit us up via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Drop us a comment or buzz us your idea for Eating Plan collabs. We’re always up for working with other brilliant, ambitious souls. 


Brooke Lark (and Crew)



Meet The Team

I’ve combined forces with these talented artists, designers, and writers to bring you top-notch printables & eating plans. Though the titles on Cheeky Kitchen are conjured by me, so much of the most remarkable, shiny parts are made by these clever cats.

Dawn Lee McKenna, Author of "Seeing You"  Dawn Lee McKenna is a Southern Fiction Writer. She also works extensively as a nutrition and fitness writer for a number of top-named talent in the Health Industry. Her first book, See You, is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon and will absolutely, 100% entirely take your breath away. 







Jessica Bartlett- http://jessica-bartlett.wix.com/portfolio Jessica Bartlett holds a bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design from SUNY Plattsburgh and works as a freelance designer. Her work ranges from bright & clean to grunge chic. Not to mention, she writes damn good emails. 









 Kevin Parks-http://kevinmichaelparks.com/Kevin Michael Parks is a kickass graphic designer by day, SLC bike fanatic by night. His design expertise ranges from illustration & graphics to branding & web design. And kindly accepting rush projects from wild-haired food bloggers like me.