"The smartest 90 minutes I've ever spent!
This crash course took me from Beginner to Ready-to-Go
in just 2 hours. Now I'm shooting Food videos
I'm proud of, instead wasting time figuring out all of
the How-To's..."

the 90-Minute FOOD VIDEO Crash Course

Know you need to start shooting video, but don't know where to start? If you've got a dSLR camera with video capabilities, you're already half way there! All you need now is a bucket of popcorn, a notepad and 90 minutes for this fast-paced tutorial on shooting Tasty-Style Food Videos.

Professional food photographer and videographer, Brooke Lark demystifies the video-making process. Whether you're starting from scratch or trying to figure out how to make better, sharper, crisper video, with final edits in Adobe Premiere Pro, this crash course has got you covered. 

With approachable language and entertaining light-hearted explanations, Brooke will walk you through the basics of setting up, shooting and editing video. In less than 2 hours from now, you will be 100% ready to start shooting viral videos.

Sound like exactly what you've been looking for? Let's do this thing!



What You'll Learn with the

Designed for food bloggers and content creators, this course covers everything you need to know to start shooting videos, stat. Professional food videographer, Brooke Lark has nearly doubled her income by adding video to her client services list. Known for secret-sharing and her ability to get straight-the-the-heart of teaching the most essential, vital and valuable skills. And in the 90-Minute Food Video Crash Course, Brooke does just that. Inviting you into her studio, she'll show you exactly how she creates, shoots and edits a video--from start to finish. Including....



  • When I was learning, son....
  • This course is NOT: a deep dive into tech, a long explanation of whys. 
  • It IS the BASICS and the HOW-TO, a  “let’s get up and running in less than an hour.”
  • A quick cover of all the basics so you can get past your fear and start creating video


  • Camera (you’ll need a basic understanding of your camera. Check out my FP course, if needed) set to low aperture for more light.
  • Camera Settings (FPS, 
  • Lenses (35 mm OH, 50 mm side)
  • Tripods (Sturdy and tall. Manfrotto Sidearm Boom--visit website for link, Slik OH)
  • Lighting (We’re going to focus on natural light, because most FB already understand
  • SD Card (Something large, something fast)


  • Basic Background
  • 3/4 angle
  • OH tripod behind the table
  • Set cameras
  • Hot plate (not necessary, but nice)


  • How to Set Focus
  • How to Check Exposure
  • Transitions: Video Stopmotion
  • Transitions: The Snap
  • Transitions: The Pull
  • Beauty Shots


  • Why Premiere?
  • Importing
  • Lining Up
  • Creative Tab: Unsharp Mask, Saturation, Sharpness-- hiring an editor
  • Adding Titles
  • Editing 
  • Creating Stopmotion
  • Speeding Up
  • Snapping
  • Transitions
  • Brand Tile
  • 1080x1080 Square
  • Exporting
  • MP4- Wondershare

It doesn't matter whether you're a timid never-shot-video, starting-from-scratch food blogger, or a tried-it-and-didn't-get-it semi-seasoned pro. This course is designed to take away all the guesswork, making it easy to make pro-quality Tasty-Style videos in just 90-minutes. No confusing tech-geek lingo, no irrelevant or overwhelming details. Just give Brooke an afternoon, and she'll walk you through everything you need to know to create, shoot and film your own videos. This video series makes it so easy to shoot food video, you won't believe that the process has felt scary once you let Brooke walk you through!


2015-11 Cheeky Kitchen Client Video.jpg

But That's Not All!

Once the video is over, you're not left out there alone, to figure video-making out by yourself. No!

Get direct access to Brooke (and thousands of other top-notch foodies) in the Food Blogging, Photography & Videography Facebook GroupAsk questions, get answers. Get the support you need to keep creating stunning videos, with answers to your questions from Brooke herself. PLUS! Ongoing tricks, tips and tutorials uploaded weekly. 

There's Never been an easier way to start shooting Tasty-Style Food Video

Sure, there are other food video tutorials. But many are highly priced in-person workshops, requiring travel and additional expenses. OR you'll pay for hours of tutorial, only to come away with too many in-the-weeds details, left feeling paralyzed because you're not a pro.

But with the 90-Minute Food Video Crash Course, you'll come away feeling capable, prepared and ready to shoot. Give Brooke 2-hours and she'll give you everything you know to get started shooting food video!