BLAT Breakfast Sandwich

You know how inspiration always comes the moment you’ve sliced your BLAT in half love-ways (you know it means you love them extra-lot when you slice diagonally), sat down...

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One Dish Delish: Korean Tilapia

Try as I might to get focused this week, I find myself slugging it outta bed, moving far too slowly to accomplish anything, wanting to lay in bed and...

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Easy Weeknight: How Whole Foods Market Makes Gourmet in 10 Minutes

Hey You. Are you running hectic around the week already? I thought it would all end in December, that harriedness of here and there. But, stepping into–and out of–last...

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The Ultimate Busy Morning Breakfast

There’s a new episode up over at HisXHers, and you’re not gonna wanna miss it! Because, I use Eldon’s ridiculously adorable kids to show you how simple (and filling!)...

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Sweet Potato Hash with Poached Eggs

Guys. The boyfriend met the kids this weekend. I made Sweet Potato Hash, which doesn’t sound sexy. But sexy is in the attitude, not necessarily the name. He poached...

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Microwave DOLE Banana Chocolate Mousse Cake

Except for a run-in last week with Almond M&M’s, I’ve steered myself away from eating sugar over the last several months. It wasn’t an on-purpose sort of a change,...

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How to Make a Hanging Pot Rack in 15 Minutes

When I moved into my own house this summer, just before le divorce, the kitchen became a big-time downsize, which isn’t such a horrid event (we did, after all,...

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Brie-Slathered Waffles with Berries

New Year’s morning dawned bright and chilly three days ago. Three days! How have we already landed into tax preparation season, and diet detox season, and Easter-candy-in-the-grocery-aisles season? I...

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How Was Your Holiday?

Ours was splendid. I’m all aglow and grateful and feeling crazy in love with my little people. Isn’t it fun to fall in love all over again with…ohhhh…everything? There...

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