So Easy Creamy Cauliflower Soup

I’m typing this post via phone, because my purty chillens gone done and spilled water on the keyboard of my laptop, thus causing a short in the letters ‘X,...

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Winter Salmon Salad with Maple-Miso Dressing & Last Chance to Get In on the DOLE Giveaway

It’s happening all up in ‘ere. The weather’s been perfectly enjoyable, but every now and again, I step through my front door only to be hit by the biting...

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Blueberry Peach Pie

I’m laying in bed at my friend, Christy’s house. Her children climbed into bed with us early this morning, Christy kissed her Ellie on the head ¬†and wished her...

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Get Your Thanksgiving on with HisXHers!

Okay. I made pie. It is vital to me that you understand the level of love this act involves. Love for you. Love for my people who pierce their...

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2-Ingredient DOLE Banana Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

I was pretty sure after dinner tonight, looking at the kitchen table, crumbs splayed like the carcasses of edible insects, that I’m a bad mother. Jacob ate the entire...

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Bonne Maman Golden Plum & Pumpkin Cupcakes AND a Giveaway!

A brown package arrived a few weeks back, filled with red gingham lidded Golden Plum Preserves from Bonne Maman. The kids and I slathered the preserves on toast, spooned...

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Holiday Yum with Kettle Brand Chips: Savory Cranberry-Rosemary & Pecan Party Dip

Know how plain old party dips are usually just a chip off the old block? You’ve got your oniony soup sort of dip. You got the Ranch schtuff. Maybe...

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Go Bananas! Celebrating DOLE and the Enchanted Tiki Room

I toss down my jacket and reach up to twist the little knob that lends air to the cramped cabin of the airplane when the hairy man next to...

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1 Week, $100 Dollars: Whole Foods Market for the Family on a Budget

Here’s the challenge: feed a family of 5 on organic meals from Whole Foods Market¬†for a whole week. Think it sounds impossible? So did I. After all, our grocery...

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